Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit

Today’s Daily prompt is  “Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — In yourself or others

 Hmmm, I used to do these regularly once upon a time. Well my peeves aren’t that extensive:

  • I am highly annoyed when I’m disturbed whilst reading, even if it’s a blinking receipt.
  • I find it irritating when I have to begin from season one of a show when I find myself in the middle of the fifth one. If it really knocks me out then and there I’ll do what I must.
  • When people put down books and shows/movies before they even give them a chance, especially when they feel it their responsibility to rant off to me.
  • People picking their nose indiscreetly.
  • Unbearably loud, stupid music.
  • I lied, there’s probably lots more.

My habits are simple enough:

  • I pace while I talking to myself to work out the effects of a high caffeine intake.
  • I love socks, matching ones and odd pairs. I often have a pair in my purse next to an ever present book.
  • I assign people into Hogwarts houses in my mind, depending on their personality.
  • I bite my nails only under heavy stress.
  • I tend to hoard useless things from time to time. Screws, old pen barrels, nails , my brother’s tiny cars, etc.
  • I think of letters of the alphabets with their own genders and temperaments, numbers too.
  • I don’t like to sit with my back to doors.

So there you have it folks bits of this mysterious jellybean! Have a go at the daily prompt if you haven’t already 😉



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11 responses to “Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit

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  2. I love how you’re aware of and honest about your quirks! I also find it annoying when people put down books or movies before checking them out or giving them a try, and on a somewhat similar note to your Hogwarts house quirk, I always attempt to analyze people’s personalities upon meeting them. (:

    • The thing about some of these quirks is that I’m usually unaware of them unless someone points it out or until I realize what it is that I’m doing at that moment, I really had to think about it. Extensions of the personality maybe? I don’t know. The sorting hat thing I try to do is faulty, people surprise me sometimes, would be much easier having the real thing though but there’s probably a law somewhere preventing one to sit magical hats on people. Thanks for coming by, Thomas (;

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  8. Oh man I forgot to mention that I too heavily dislike sitting with my back facing the door, I want to see who’s coming in and the hoarding? I’ve heard about it a lot from other readers too, something to fiddle with while reading right?

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