Strive to be happy (in a non-evil way)

Let’s have the music, shall we?

This is so … right for this series, though it alone couldn’t span the whole thing, just a track in its play-list. What series you ask?

Doctor Who.

Lovely music. Fantastic musician, Mark! I’ll do my interpretation in the distant future. That was what it had written under my peeling wall paper.

Sooo now, where where was I? Oh yes.

I’ve just finished the first episode of season three, Voyage of the Damned. Mr. Copper’s last scene was my favourite, probably will be one of most favorite. Because it humbled me. I knew of the want of  a relatively peaceful life. Life without unnecessary material voracity; greed. But a life that is as fair as one can make it to me. To want the simple things and be content with what one wants, what one can acquire as honorably was one can. I am not saying this in the right way. *Fangirl frustration*

There was this piece of hyena crap on board the – get this – the Titanic. Titanic! Oh dear Gallifrey. Stupid alian-human-looking-things! Mr. Copper’s screwed up knowledge of earth history was not to be blamed here.

Yes, back to the hyena excretement, who is actually this immoral businessman who only cared to preserve that slimy hide of his. I can safely say that all of the surviving people there were willing to sacrifice their lives when they see it was they only/most likely way everyone else could survive. Not that piece of crap though. It was a shame he was one among the few that had lived. I am being justifiably mean, but he’s fictional so that’s that.

This juxtaposition of these two characters especially was glaringly obvious, outlining those properties and inthe end that the universe can be a bitch and that life isn’t a box of random candy, unless it’s an almighty sack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans. 

You technically live only once but if you you do it right, once is ought to be enough. Like I said, technically, I’m still processing that line, so ‘spoilers’. *hehe*

Here’s a gif shot:

Click on the photo to see whole gif. on tumblr.
Click on the photo to see whole gif. on tumblr.

The pure joy as having a real house with a door and a garden. Just that. It made me so happy and mushy sad. Oh my feels …

D, out!

P.S:  It is, in my opinion, perfectly fine to stare at this fourth shot for longer than necessary *wink*


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