Reading again

So there’s a lot that’s happened and yet not happened in the months of my inactivity. I suppose one of the more concerning for me right now is my reading slump.

In the sidebar to the right, there is my Goodreads currently-reading shelf, and it’s hardly changed, and in a way, maybe it reflects some fragment of my mental state, that is to say, unfocused and indecisive.

So I have decided to forcibly get over it and push back the ones I have on the list to casual reading (as in way away in the background reading) and end the year with some house cleaning. Life, frankly, is too short.

What I will keep upfront:

Relegated to the back burner (still reading but off my currently-reading):

What’s going to be DNF:

Of course, the order is subject to change. The last one was an ARC. Regrettably, I can’t anymore. I’m going to tie it up with a review all the same.

Photo by Tatiana from Pexels

There’s something I’ve noticed with my subliminal interactions with Goodreads. I find that I inadvertently guilt myself to sticking to books that I don’t feel like reading anymore. It’s kind of a small thing in the grand scheme of things but who knows how this has affected me, really.

So, yeah. I’m making an effort to clear some mind space.

I’d like to actually talk more about what I’ve read here, and not limited to reviews. Hmm. Like character impression/sketches, themes, and meandering thoughts on books as opposed to my somewhat rigid structuring of reviews.

Have you guys been through the book stump ringer before? Have any recommendations? Don’t hesitate to share.

I hope you have been well.



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5 responses to “Reading again

  1. Aw, I’m sorry that you’re in a reading slump, Devina (or at least you were at the time of writing this post)! I hope you’re kind to yourself in recognizing that sometimes it’s okay to not be in a place where you may want to be reading. And, I’m glad that you’re adopting a new strategy of aiming to remove some books that may be dissatisfying you in an attempt to spark that interest in reading again. Maybe including more memoir or thrilling fiction may help? Either way I hope that reading goes well and I’m sending strength and warmth your way. (:

    • Hey, Thomas! I have been getting into some autobiographies in the past few months. I read and listened to Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential while on my trip to New York last year. Jarring, to say the least, hearing his voice again. It was excellent, and uplifting despite the contrasting darkness, perhaps because of it.
      I’m currently switching between Elton John’s and Jackie Chan’s. They’ve all proven to be insightful, sobering and a riot of joy and tears. As they should be.
      Yes, it’s taken me a while to accept that, and while there still are difficulties, it’s been generally better to move on when I need to. I never want reading to be a chore, and figured when I’d reached that place it was time to reconsider why I was reading. I’m still learning to be kind. Hoping that you’re well xx

  2. I recognize the feeling of having to finish books for goodreads, especially when participating in their challenge. Life really is too short (/ the list of good books too long) not to DNF though. What helps for me when I’m in a reading slump is re-reading an old favourite. I already know I will enjoy it, which makes it easier to pick up and if I lose focus and don’t read all of it that’s ok because I know how it ends anyway. Good luck! 😊

    • Honestly same. The challenges are nice to keep people motivated unless when they aren’t and it’s become the meter of shame (for me at least) but I’m trying to not think of it that way.
      Hmmm. That does make sense, so it’s a Harry Potter read-a-thon, it is (it’s also the season for that as well). And thank you so much!

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