Poem: it’s actually simple, but not really


Poem: Meaning

i read somewhere, that your purpose is to give your life meaning Clever, i'd thought then now, never a truer thing I saw It's all experience, hands-on full throttle even when time moves at a snail's pace It's a real thing, to have died and still, be breathing, limbs moving It was/is my experience living on... Continue Reading →

An open letter to a stranger

This is a bit long and contains some profanity. I implore you to read it though, it's sincerely meant and for all to read. Hey, how are you? I'm writing from my desk when I could be, arguably, doing more important things. However, I believe that this may be one of the most crucial things... Continue Reading →

Creative Prompt: Three kinds of holes

Physical. Mental. Metaphysical. The things in the road made from friction and sub-par materials. The mines in our heads where lie some gold and plenty ghosts. The assholes that riddle the fabric of reality, a shame you can't launder character. Prompt by Little Fears

Eyes and ears, m’dear

Here’s my latest scratchings over at the esteemed Poet’s Blog. Check us out, there’s such diversity abound you’re sure to find something that’ll make you smile.

Poet's Corner

Hear the things,

they speak with their eyes

Words are a lair’s arsenal,

look just how lightly they step

around promises, and juggle emotions

Look within you for your truths,

see what injustice strikes you like a fist,

understand what you stand for.

The outside, of many things, is a facade

the innards, soul and belief belie this

Flesh and bone, masks and smiles

housing within a starlight light,

or void blackness

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Youth does not belong to the young

Journal Entry 4th March, 2017 Youth belongs to the brave, not exclusively to the young so don't let anyone fool you. The young waste away in insecurity not uncommon for that age, worries about real problems and petty nonsense. Sometimes - no, oftentimes throwing away precious seconds like spare change. I suppose it's all a... Continue Reading →

Fiction (?): Skin

I'm backed into the damned corner. Again. Not a physical corner formed by the union of two solid walls. The place in my mind, it's a black dusty mine that waits for a gap in my happiness so I might fall into it. Haplessly, I do arms around my knees and head tucked in. My... Continue Reading →

Fiction: Silverlining

"Aren't you pissed? I'd be seething," Rooney asks with disbelief. "I'm better off without him," I say. "No, no. That I get. But that you let the bastard go without a scratch ... why are you laughing?" "What gave you that idea? That he went scratch free?" I couldn't help it, I laugh some more. "Okay,... Continue Reading →

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