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Fried rice and jailbreak

When you were a toddler, little more than a babe, you and your younger sister played in the playpen in the kitchen/office downstairs. It was only the two of you then, the other three would come later, ushered in with the twenty-first century.

Your mother was frustrated half the time, still, a bit overwhelmed having married your father two years before, then you and your sister came almost one after the other. Adjusting to another household, a new set of parents, and helping out in the fast food place they ran, a pace and life so much different to the one she’s always known. You wouldn’t know this, not for years and years to come will you join the dots and realize her quiet bravery.

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Heartbleed Bug

This is a follow up on my last post. Better start changing those passwords.

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In my mail: An important security update

So I just received this from Tumblr:


I did just that there, on WP, on Amazon, Goodreads and Twitter. It looks pretty damn authentic to me. Did you get this too?


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