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Fried rice and jailbreak

When you were a toddler, little more than a babe, you and your younger sister played in the playpen in the kitchen/office downstairs. It was only the two of you then, the other three would come later, ushered in with the twenty-first century.

Your mother was frustrated half the time, still, a bit overwhelmed having married your father two years before, then you and your sister came almost one after the other. Adjusting to another household, a new set of parents, and helping out in the fast food place they ran, a pace and life so much different to the one she’s always known. You wouldn’t know this, not for years and years to come will you join the dots and realize her quiet bravery.

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I’ve got a date with Maths on Wednesday. Gah!

Paper 1 on Wednesday. If I haven’t ranted here already about it, shake that subject and myself together and you get a freaking zoinky colloidal substance. When I get a concept in my head it just doesn’t stick well with me for too long. That’s problem 1. Problem 2 entails me not having a proper instructor, none at all right now actually. For the most part I regret taking it this year. Mrs. M (my principal), if you’re reading this (and there is a decent possibility of that since she blogs here occasionally) I think it’s only fair that I vent my frustration and this is only mild, you know that. Blaze me the next time, ma’am.

I’ve asked my tutor from high school if she could assist me in any way that she can since this was above her level of teaching. I extremely appreciate it. Also, I would like to thank YouTubers who have Continue reading


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My day

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The original post was accidentally deleted, I should have known better than to post on a phone. I hadn’t in me to do it all over again just then. Saturdays used to be my favourite day, until it was resigned to calculus classes instead of waking up late and reading for a few hours. Calculus, I have feeling it will lead me into trouble one of these days, forgive me but I can’t elaborate on that at the moment. Let me just say that I’m suffering from a bad case of scrambled brains.

I’m afraid to pick up a book to read lately for a few of reasons: A Game of Thrones is getting nerve racking so I must take a breather least I go into cardiac arrest; secondly, I really need sleep; thirdly, I have to push in more time for school work added to the work I have to do in the evenings. So you can imagine the time juggling I must do. I don’t like the idea of staying up late again, after successfully accomplishing the difficult task of sleeping early I would really hate to resume my midnight wakes, but it looks like I have no choice.

I’m finding it a problem to post for the past couple of weeks, I mean the ideas are there but I can’t seem to settle on one at the time. My mood has fluctuated lately, nothing to worry about I suppose, but I think it is slowly getting to me. Pinterest keeps me up with the streams of positive, feel-good quotes and sayings but for how long will it work and for how long will I be stranded in this current I’m surfing? Continue reading


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