Copyright – Extended

© Hot chocolate and books, © The work – including pictures – published in Hot chocolate and books are property of Devina S., unless otherwise stated. Every effort has been made to cite the work of other individuals featured on this blog. If the owners of the said intellectual property would like me to remove links, snippets of articles or artwork, please do let me know and I will honour your request as quickly as possible. I mean no offence – the opposite actually – by putting your stuff there and I’d appreciate it if no one sued me.

Should you like to use something of mine, please just ask, I don’t bite or at least not from this distance. It’s not like I’m going to charge money or anything. If it’s an article you want to critique (through for the life of me I fail to understand why anyone would) simply link back so I can get a pingback. Ummm, that’s pretty much it, folks.


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