How I deal with stress

Stress and frustration. Oy. Everyone has them but we deal with them differently and sometimes a few methods aren’t exactly W.H.O approved but whatever, we just gotta vent right? I so can’t wait until these wretched exams are done and over with. After I complete the last one, I’m sprinting over the the book shop and getting myself a good fix. For now? Well, I do this stuff:

  • Dance

Every single time I listen to this Hall and Oats hit, I have to dance. I have no choice but succumb to the inescapable lure of the peppy beats and Daryl’s energetic vocals. This is my feel-good song. I will rock, shimmy and shake to it forever. FOREVER!

  • Chocolate


Chocolate understands me. Really understands me.

  • I sleep. A lot. I don’t quite get it, even when I sleep full eight hours I feel beat. I like sleeping anyway, but during the day mostly. I’m a nocturnal creature.

I’m pretty sure I do some other stuff but I can’t remember anything else, there’s an echo of the migraine I had 2AM this morning, it was like Betty White high on crack with a jackhammer. ‘Nuff said. Peace out, people. Hope your day has been better or it’s at least getting there. Until next time, Ace Ventura balerina



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4 responses to “How I deal with stress

  1. Oh darling, I really hope those exams are not making you stress out too much! I can only imagine how daunting and draining it must be. You stay strong and paddle through them, ok? And oh my, I can so totally relate to the book fix! That’s what I do too! There is nothing better than to curl up in bed with a cuppa tea and a good book to read until you drift away to sleep with the book still in your hands…
    And when it comes to dancing.. I could talk about that forever! I love dancing and it’s a great stress release!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Chatty. Actually, I finished one, a book, last night (Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater!) and I can’t say that I feel any guilt about it, in fact I felt lighter and a bit more alive after being a zombie for so long. I suppose it’s how we gals cope with stress. Oh em gee, dancing, it is like our are souls rejoicing 🙂 I wonder if we like the same music.

  2. This is such a fun post! I really enjoy how you interspersed lots of cool, quirky and engaging videos and photos.

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