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One life is not enough

If there’s one post I want everyone to see at least once especially at the end of this year, it’s this one. The video, it’s charming, yes, but Rakel makes a good point on imagination ebbing away at upon attending school.

Vocabulary in Chunks

Green Renaissance

‘If you are not a reader, you have only one life. But if you are a reader, you have a million lives.’ Rakel believes that one life is not enough. The span of years and hours and seconds that makes up her life, do not give her the time to experience all that she would like to. But the power of a good story opens the door to endless travel and adventure. Rakel Helmsdal is a writer, a puppeteer and an artist. Journey into her world!

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Vocabulary chunks to learn :

  • One life is not enough
  • Hundreds and thousands of things
  • Go exploring
  • A new adventure
  • If you are a reader you have a million lives
  • You lose yourself in it
  • It makes me richer
  • Understand the world more
  • Something that touches you
  • I can’t help telling stories
  • I have to tell them
  • It’s larger…

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Pick up ya hoes / Self-care

Writing by Moonlight

We curl into fetus positions in moments of pain so sharp and … and clawing.  Why? Is it because mental anguish, this fickle brain, tricks the body in reacting to a physical wound? That we hide our soft bellies from the threat? Now, that’s laughable!

Darling, the predator’s all in your head.

Maybe … maybe though, we fold into ourselves to mimic an old memory, as ancient as our first cells, floating, still oblivious to the universe of multitudes beyond that warm cocoon. Our mothers can only do so much.


Yet, we can’t return to that place but we can tuck knees to chest and then arms hugging those knees, face pressed to soft thighs. And breathing, let’s not forget the breathing.

Not the rapid influx and rattling outward woosh but we ride that out. Then eventually, gently the slow slip-stream of the in and out. Breathe in ……

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Post Schedule Update

My recent post on The Dragon about the challenges of research and quality.

A Dragon In Progress

Dear followers,

I’m mulling a few ideas over about content and output. I published my post on Calderas a short time ago and in more ways than one it proved enlightening.

  1. Researching is time-consuming.
  2. It challenges me to be thrifty and minimalist with regards to what I should include on a given topic.
  3. My lack of knowledge tempts me to lean heavily on quotations. While not inherently wrong, it just shows I’m not putting the needed effort into the project and therefore providing you with sub-par content and that, frankly, is unacceptable.
  4. To reap the benefits of acquiring knowledge, which is in itself an enjoyable task, I need to allocate ample time towards the individual aspects of research: reading multiple sources, verify their credibility; getting a hold of photographs and infographics, request permission when necessary; editing and proofreading.

So, I’ve decided until further notice I’m working on churning out one…

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