I’m a brown eyed girl

It makes me happy to hear songs about brown eyes. I’m not complaining but there has been much more emphasis on blue eyes, followed by the even more rare lovely green hues. Perhaps I haven’t been listening to the right music, or the DJ on the radio is a bit biased, or maybe brown eyes are too common to write anything about. Thank goodness for Jango, I heard this song on the Sunshine Radio and I am liking it very much. Hope it’s mutual 😉 If not, oh well , that’s no problemo!

P.S: If you’re thinking of checking out Sunshine radio (or any one, really), you must remember to do this one important thing; boogie woogie! Dance, people.


Shimmy and shake for it’s still a good day in the little ways and one needs to celebrate the simpler things in life, bright memories for the bad times ahead.



P.P.S: If you like Ellen like I do, check this jem out!


12 thoughts on “I’m a brown eyed girl

  1. Ellen is a gem! Glad you’ve found a song about brown eyes, I remember how hazel eyes were such a thing because of Kelly Clarkson’s song. Taylor Swift does focus on eye color quite a bit in her music, maybe there’s brown hidden somewhere in there.

    • You know, till now I can’t figure out which K. Clarkson song that is. As for our friend, Taylor, I’ve stopped keeping tabs since most of what she sings these days are break up songs and they’re getting to me, she sang one or two about blue eyes. More brownies are definitely out there, I’ll be keeping an ‘eye’ out. Get it? Haha …. Ellen an inspiration and a long cool drink of coke 🙂 I’m glad to hear from you, Thomas!

  2. Oh yeah, I’m careful about such info. I’ve read your poem but I’ll talk to you about it later, it’s your take on this post, I think. I’m off to do my last bit of reading, my teachers have all told me not to do revision late on the day before, nor on the morning of, the tests. Sound advice if I’ve heard any! Do have a pleasant evening 😉

    • Hi, oh I’m sorry for not getting back to you. I’ve exams coming up, there’s one tomorrow and I’m forced to neglect blogging. Actually I’m not supposed to be on at all for the time being. Please bear with me, I’ll surely respond to your comments and I’d like not to give you hasty replies.

      Thanks again for your interactions, I hope you can understand my earlier insecurities (though it’s not like they’re completely dissolved, mind you) I’m wary about people over the internet.

      • Sure, no problem. Take your time. Exams first.

        On the Internet, as long as you don’t give out your real name, phone number or even address, which allow people to locate you physically, it’s a pretty safe place. Just make sure to keep your mouth real shut with these types of traceable information. That’s all. I hope you enjoy the world without compromising your real life. 🙂

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