Ads on my blog + Forum deletion and other stupid WP decisions

Via .brentcsutoras.comI’ve switched to WP more than half a year ago from the claustrophobic Blogspot (in my opinion, but I don’t hate it there though) with a boat load of enthusiasm. I applauded their efforts against the SOPA bill earlier this year. I’ve enjoyed the features they’ve provided that free users like me can utilize. I’ve ‘met’ so many great people in this community, a few of them were – and still are – influential to me and I’ve got you awesome viewers!

But not because they’ve provided us with these goodies should permit them to put ads on our blogs, at least without our permission. It was earlier this morning when I checked this here site (after I pledged not to come in the first place to fight this addiction) when lo and behold Global Online Degrees offered by the University of Liverpool appears above my header and my Gravatar in the sidebar. Just like that in a second my mood took a drastic turn, call it irrational but I can’t help it.

I like things just as the were; ad-free. Ads, no matter how helpful, on my blog annoys me. It was neat and clean and, if I may say so, to some extent this blog actually looked professional. Not anymore since the ads popped up. I knew, or I thought I knew, that we had a choice weather or not we wanted to put up ads so I haven’t an inkling on what’s going on but I did tweet WordPress asking what they’re up to but I’m not likely to get a reply so later when I’m in the mindset I’ll go over to the forums* and maybe Time Thief or another helpful blogger can clue be in.

UPDATE: I am so so so feeling foolish but the reason for the ads might be due to the ad-blocker on my browser being inactive. I apologize for that. I could have deleted this first half of the post but I though it’s already there. There’s a possibility others might be experiencing this and are shaking their heads in empathy so this is a heads up.

Again, I’m grateful to WP for such a diverse and exciting platform and it isn’t my intention to come off as unappreciative but as a blogger here I think I have some rights.

* – Late last week I was alerted that the Off-Topic and Showcase forums have been deleted without prior notice to the blogging community. I’ve been here for ten months and I haven’t been in that neck of the woods very often but I do know of its significance. This is where blogger actually get to socializing with each other, well out of their own blogs, I’m told it’s like a community meet or something like that and a lot of my friends met each other. The main thing is this social hub has been dismantled for the reason (as I am informed) that the things discussed there could have actually been blog posts – instead of chatting about whatever it is that they are chatting about, that particular matter should be a post from where others should join in the conversation and not in the forum. What they (WordPress) was:

First, we’ll be removing the Off Topic and Showcase forums. Many of the posts in Off Topic could have been blog posts. In place of that forum we’d encourage everyone to write posts, follow your friends, and carry on the conversation through comments.

And this was Pete Horworth’s response:

Yeah great stuff, although we won’t have any friends because there’ll be no Off Topic or Showcase forums for us to meet any. Then they tell us to look here for more Traffic which also doesn’t work if you’re unable to meet anyone. A lot of us don’t want our real life friends reading our blog. A lot of us don’t want to troll through endless tag pages to find anything interesting.

I hear you Pete, and it is not guaranteed that the random reader who pass through your blog and likes your post will click with you. In the forum you interact with people and based on their opinions you decide weather or not you should get to know them more, rather than searching around here and there not finding anything interesting majority of the time, akin to picking out strawberries from prunes blindfolded.

I encourage you to stop by and read Pete’s post about this issue over at The Dark Globe where a few of the contributors there decided to put matter into their own hands, creating The Dark Forum which was originally for Dark Globe followers but is now open to anyone and everyone to use in the hope that it can do something to make up for the one that we’ve been deprived of.

If anyone on the WP Team is reading this I hope you guys can write something up explaining what’s the happenings to everyone and I also dream of you people listening to the pleas of bloggers all around and put back the forums or at least respond to them (some bloggers made topics in forums for this very issue only to have it deleted by WP without reason.Can we not work together to see if we can come to some conclusion that we all agree to.

Don’t we, the bloggers, have a say in all this? This change affects us all weather or not some realize it. Do our opinions, our input not matter to you? If not, then shouldn’t we all pack our bags and head on elsewhere? What is a blogging platform with little or no bloggers there? I understand not everyone would be in agreement with me, but that ‘s fine and I have not reason to pick a fight with you so please don’t get into one with me. If you’ve something to say, do so politely.

*Sighs* I think that will be all for now and I do hope they won’t be doing anything else that would fall in the category of Unsorted Stupid Stuff. If at any point I came off as harsh my excuses are that I couldn’t help it and I had no energy to sugar-coat anything, and really. I’m now aiming to blunt as I can in my posts because the fact is that the world ain’t all lollypops and cotton candy and there aren’t any unicorns pooping rainbows in the clouds so I want to write my feelings as they are, rainbow-pooping-unicorn free.

I appreciate you wonderful wonderful people behind the scenes of WordPress, and I mean this to the bottom of my heart but please take the time to hear us out.

Thank you all for reading, cheers.



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22 responses to “Ads on my blog + Forum deletion and other stupid WP decisions

  1. hey Devine! How did I miss this post??? Seriously, I’ve not been getting proper alerts of late and every time I visit the blogs I follow, they would at least one or two new posts I’ve not even read… why, why are you doing this to me WP. Anywho, now that the drama is over.. I know what you mean about keeping your blog ad-free. Although, as stated above on Pete’s comment, I didn’t know that they’ve been running ads on our blogs visible to non-WP users – I think I should start reading more about the ins and outs of WP, at some point. And I’m sure that you’ve noticed already that I have this square-flicking ad right in the middle of my blog! Of all places.. bang on the middle. AJ’s Dad has been asking me to try out WordAds for a while and the other day, I finally agreed to it. (Not that this would cover to buy baby bum wipes). And when I woke up the next morning, all I could see was that square-flicking or that Maybeline ad right in the middle of everything!! I was mortified and just could not believe it. I have a bit of an OCD and can’t seem to bring myself to not tweak anything that’s out of place, so all day I was tweaking and finding ways to make it not stand out. If this whole ad thing isn’t worth it in the end, I would definitely not bother and just go back to the good ol’ ad-free blogging days. Although, if it’s enough to cover AJ’s diaper stash, I’m afraid I might give it a second thought. Every little helps for this Momma Bean. 😦

    • Hi Donah! Well, what I’ve noticed is that if you click on the “Follow” tab in the black bar at the top of the page the posts of the people you now follow will go to your reader(!/read/) but if they have a “follow by e-mail” button on their blogs like I do on my side bar you get blog updates sent directly to your mail box. But not everyone puts it on their blog so you’ll have to remember to check back often.

      Yeah, I didn’t know they did that too until Pete and Kirsty pointed out to me 😦 Apparently WP will put up ads occasionally but as Sajib, another helpful blogger, pointed out to me was that you can buy an upgrade to remove any ads from your blogs ( Frankly I don’t have any money to spend on this blog right now, no matter how much I love it.

      I know what you mean, they’re eyesores. I think I saw the one you’re talking about, in the middle of the posts not the Maybaline one though. I don’t know, if the ads will help you out with AJ’s nappies then you can leave it if you can stand the sight.

      I love WP and I don’t think they did all this to deliberately upset us, I’ve calmed down and moved on.

      Thanks for stopping by, if only we can really share a cuppa hot cocoa *sighs*

  2. I’m curious, are there ads on my blog? I don’t see any on yours. This is all very confusing to me…

    • No there aren’t any on your blog, never saw any there. Your ad blocker must be on then that’s why you don’t see any. According to Sajib in the comment above WP said they’ll be putting up the occasional ad on our blogs. I was confused too 😦

  3. WordPress sucks. I’ve always been there on Off topic and loved to comment, read what other people are posting and interacting with a community. They are doing this for the sake of promotion of wordpress (In fact fake promotion). I’m going to start a protest against it.

    • Their reason isn’t good enough. I know they’re the one’s that run this space but I think they should have been considerate enough to ask bloggers their opinions because we’re the ones blogging here so doesn’t it count what we prefer? I expect to see the protest picking up momentum soon.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Hamza.

  4. Well, doesn’t promise ad-free service. In fact, it does say ads will be shown occasionally on your blog (especially to logged out people out there). For such a great service they are offering, they could have put more ads and we could have done nothing (don’t compare with other services out there. WordPress is the best. At least, to me and million others). Thank them for not doing that.

    And they have a paid upgrade for removing ads permanently.

    • I wasn’t aware about the logged out people and the reason why I was seeing the ads was due to the pop-up blocker on the laptop I was using was turned off. That bit when you said In fact, it does say ads will be shown occasionally on your blog is interesting since I haven’t read that anywhere, not that I’m doubting you.

      I agree with you when you said WP is the best otherwise I would still be on Blogspot, this place opened up new opportunities for me and I had not reason to complain before this.

      But the thing is, Sajib, I’ve never ever seen a single ad on any of my blogs until yesterday and I thought that since they’ve gone off without polling the community about the forums and they must have gone and done this now. So I got a little irate and posted this post and if I hadn’t, your comments would not have enlightened me.

      As for the upgrade I’ll check it out sometime soon, I didn’t mean to come off as a whining idiot, I’m not saying that you’re accusing me of being one but I’m just saying.

      Thank you for commenting, Sajib 🙂

  5. Pete Howorth

    There have always been Ads on your blog, WordPress have been running ads on free hosted blogs for the last 6 years. If you’re logged in you don’t usually see them on your own blog or some of the blogs you frequent, it’s usually people without a WordPress account that see the adverts.

    That’s why they had a no-ads upgrade that can be purchased.

    However you can apply for WordAds which will display Ads to all your users but at the same time earns you a little bit of revenue depending on your viewership, but it costs money to apply for it (e.g. buying your own domain name).

    As for the forums, you obviously know my take on it, the fact that staff (i.e. macmanx) has even bothered to respond shows how much they respect their members, especially the volunteers that do their job for them. They don’t deserve help on the support forums if this is how they treat us. The staff are a bunch of idiots, rather than have more than two moderators that are barely online they just decide to get rid of a forum. Their customer service for a company is an absolute joke.

    • Pete Howorth

      Agh, *hasn’t even bothered to respond

      • Lol, I’m here 🙂 So to non-users my blog has Ads on them!? I’ve not any change to pay for the damn ads to get lost and I’ll have to settle for not seeing them myself (I activated the ad blocker)

        Say that again. It is a joke. What’s the point of customer service and the help and support forums etc. if there aren’t anyone there, or anyone willing to actually get off their butts and respond? I think I’ll shut up now, I’ve wasted enough much needed oxygen and polluted the air with as much carbon dioxide.

      • Pete Howorth

        Lol I wasn’t saying you hadnt bothered to respond, I was correcting myself from the first comment 😛

        Yeah non-users that aren’t using an ad blocker themselves will see the ads, they always have. It’s no biggie 😀

    • Oh wow, I didn’t know this about ads showing for non-Wordpress users. Thanks for the info Pete. 🙂

  6. If you use an adblock plugin for your browser, you will not see any ads. I haven’t seen any ads for WordPress in years, 😉

    • Really? I hadn’t thought about that and I don’t think I’ve come off too b*tchy on that part … I’m using a friend’s laptop so maybe that’s the issue. I’ll add that bit to this post in a very noticeable colour, oh how I hope I didn’t come off as a fool 😦

      Thank you for pointing it out to me, Kirsty 🙂

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