Get your butts over here, seriously!

Laughing at Everyday Life 1.0

Sunday Funnies Time!!

Where I share some of the funny things I’ve found on Google or Facebook this week.


Yep, just show them you are proud!


You have been warned!


This just makes me laugh


I bet a few of you have done it to yourself too


Yep, you picked the short straw


Even better, buy a tombstone and lean it against the wall


You just aren’t listening!  😛


That’s what I’ve been doing wrong! He’s always in there!


LOL… this was just cute


Hmmm, was that sarcastic?


Yep, that’s it… well that and the darn donkey in the fridge all the time!


I saw how you were looking at Donald..

Yes you..

The one over there..

The one with the shit eating grin. 


Oh stop! You know you all do it!


Have a great Sunday…

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