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Fashion by La Plume Noire Photography

Hi all! At The Dark Globe I had a chance to meet some really talented people. One of these is a photographer, Kirsty Pang, at La Plume Noire Photography. She’s taken some amazing photographs and I’ve gotten her permission to share you a few of her shots!

Click to visit the entire Fashion Gallery

Though it would be too short for my liking, I love that dress! Do you see those trees? The colours are simply marvelous! She excludes confidence and it would seem that for this beautiful model, the world is her runway.

There are lots more to be found onΒ  La Plume Noire Photography.

Stay tuned!



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Au revoir to The Dark Globe

ImageI should have written about this earlier, maybe it was because I forgot or that I was too depressed to say it ‘out loud’ but reading a fellow ex-contributor‘s post mentioning it, I thought I should as well. Maybe you’ve known of The Dark Globe perhaps you haven’t but the fact is that around earlier this week Dark Jade, the blog’s creator, decided to stop operations on the blog.

It was a diverse little community we had there, a bit of almost everything to suit a broad range of interests of our readers. I won’t deny I was saddened by the news, but DJ has his reasons and I respect that. I don’t want to give false hope, but posting on TDG might or might not resume, if it does I will let you all know of it. Though let it be known that all of the contributors’ posts are still there for you everyone to have a look at and you can see us on the The Crew page.

In other news, I’m running late in this week’s Picture it and Write! challenge. Hopefully you’ll be seeing something from me tonight or tomorrow.

That’s it for now, have a great weekend πŸ™‚


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Ads on my blog + Forum deletion and other stupid WP decisions

Via .brentcsutoras.comI’ve switched to WP more than half a year ago from the claustrophobic Blogspot (in my opinion, but I don’t hate it there though) with a boat load of enthusiasm. I applauded their efforts against the SOPA bill earlier this year. I’ve enjoyed the features they’ve provided that free users like me can utilize. I’ve ‘met’ so many great people in this community, a few of them were – and still are – influential to me and I’ve got you awesome viewers!

But not because they’ve provided us with these goodies should permit them to put ads on our blogs, at least without our permission. It was earlier this morning when I checked this here site (after I pledged not to come in the first place to fight this addiction) when lo and behold Global Online Degrees offered by the University of Liverpool appears above my header and my Gravatar in the sidebar. Just like that in a second my mood took a drastic turn, call it irrational but I can’t help it.

I like things just as the were; ad-free. Ads, no matter how helpful, on my blog annoys me. It was neat and clean and, if I may say so, to some extent this blog actually looked professional. Not anymore since the ads popped up. I knew, or I thought I knew, that we had a choice weather or not we wanted to put up ads so I haven’t an inkling on what’s going on but I did tweet WordPress asking what they’re up to but I’m not likely to get a reply so later when I’m in the mindset I’ll go over to the forums* and maybe Time Thief or another helpful blogger can clue be in.

UPDATE: I am so so so feeling foolish but the reason for the ads might be due to the ad-blocker on my browser being inactive. I apologize for that. I could have deleted this first half of the post but I though it’s already there. There’s a possibility others might be experiencing this and are shaking their heads in empathy so this is a heads up.

Again, I’m grateful to WP for such a diverse and exciting platform and it isn’t my intention to come off as unappreciative but as a blogger here I think I have some rights.

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