Wait a second there weight

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I’m going to be honest and say that I’m self conscious about my body weight (amongst a few other things), a lot of people are. Why am I so worried that I don’t have a flat tummy like the other girls or like the models in the magazines? I thought that people would love me more, nobody likes a fat kid, I mean those women look beautiful, slim, graceful and lithe. Society has painted this picture that skinny or slim women are beautiful and desirable and I was mesmerized by the pretty colours and wanted to be in that painting.

There was a point in my life, around 7th grade, that I began to eat less and less (I did not stop eating at together) and exercised more than I should when I should have gotten more sleep instead. I got my results, I dropped a few pounds, yippie, though I felt much weaker physically and mentally. The dreaded pounds caught up with me again after a while and by now I was just frustrated and more self conscious than before.

I read a lot, all kinds of books with all kind of stories and information and lessons the authors have learned over their years. I can’t remember exactly what I had read or what I had seen on television that had snagged my attention. The question was why was it important to be skinny? I stated my reasons above. But it got me thinking, is it important what people thought about me if I was fat? Shouldn’t it be about the person who I am inside? I could lose weight and gain it all back again  but the person who I am will not change. Skinny does not necessarily mean smart or, as I’ve come to accept, beautiful or even healthy.

I was very young when I learned that many of those fashion models starve themselves for that size 1 or 2 or 0 and I was horrified. Me, who would not ever give up on chocolate and mom’s cheese sandwiches, was shocked, but as I’ve mentioned earlier above about 7th grade I kind of got over it. Now I realized that it is dangerous to my health and well being. This image that girls are attractive because of their waist-lines are sending the wrong message to girls and young women. It shouldn’t be about beauty, but about their brains.

Let me be clear:

1. Slim is not really bad, it’s how you go about getting there. With a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise you’re on the right path. Starving, binging and then throwing it all up again is absolutely not the way. It damages you, inside and out.

2. The main reason anyone should have for losing weight is to be healthy, and if you just want to do it for the looks, then by all means go for it but do it right as I’ve just said.

3. The most important thing is the person you are under the surface of your physical self.

4. I’m not saying everyone is that shallow but the message about the skinny image is targeted to young girls and more often than not, it hits the mark and self esteem. Many girls believe it but they need to be told the truth, that in whatever size and shape they are, they are beautiful and radiant just the way they are and nothing can change that.

You said it Selina!  (Omg, I just had a freaky moment of deja vu! … I’m okay now) She’s one to talk, huh? Well she is beautiful but she sheds what she can until she is left, no make up or fancy clothing, just the essentials and herself. Anyone and everyone is beautiful and we should all embrace ourselves. As my favourite author had said:

J.K. Rowling

“Is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’? Not to me.”
J.K. Rowling

Cosmetic and clothing companies have mastered the fine art of advertisement their candy coated words appeal to our emotions, everybody has to make their money but you as a consumer and a person has to be smart, purchase what you want but know yourself, no one knows you better than you.

Today at almost 18, I’m 140 lbs and around 5 ft. 9” (I averaged) and I’m comfortable enough in my skin but I’m still a little insecure but I’m working to get past that, I aim to exercise as much as I should and eat as well. My friends and family accept me for who I am and that’s what is important to me. When it comes to the person with whom I’ll be sharing the rest of my life with I’ll know him when he says “D, I love you” and mean it even if I’m not a catwalk model.

Thoughts? Please do share, we all need to help and support our friends and each other and to get the message across.

P.S: For the record, I never binged or stuck my finger down my throat, I never considered doing that and I never will.



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11 responses to “Wait a second there weight

  1. Halia

    hi, I’m 13 years old and I’m anorexic. I’ve recovered-pretty much- but so many people treat me like i have a plague or something. these people are constantly bring me down. but than i ask myself ” am i really gonna let THESE people make or break my day???” hell no!!! I’m beautiful no matter what they say!!!! what you said makes me feel even stronger. like i can do anything and I’m gonna be myself-THANKS = D

    • You are beautiful and it’s great that you know that! As for those people bringing you down, they’ll only get to you only if you let them. It sounds to me that you’re on the right track and you have the mindset. You don’t know how glad I am to hear that what I said helped, you are strong. I wish you all the best, Halia 🙂

  2. Again, I must absolutely agree with you in this perspective. The person who is what we called friends should accept us for who we are, inside AND out.

  3. I think the perspective you have on the issue is so very important.

    I was very ill for a long time, and it took me quite a few tries to really get at the reasons why I was so unhappy with myself, and why these problems were manifesting themselves as eating disorders.

    Understanding what makes you happy, what kind of mechanisms you have in place to keep yourself happy, and support from friends and loved ones – well, if you have these in place, things will just keep getting easier.

    Great post. You are wise beyond your years.

    • Understanding what makes you happy, what kind of mechanisms you have in place to keep yourself happy, and support from friends and loved ones – well, if you have these in place, things will just keep getting easier.

      Exactly! I’m glad that you’ve realized what your problem was, and thank you for dropping by and commenting, happy you like it 🙂

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more! I suffered for 13 yrs! I always remind my daughters, that they are the most beautiful creatures, inside as well as out! Thank you for the wonderful post!

    • It’s great that you let them know of their true worth and that the shine no matter what, I think that all moms should be doing this! I don’t know if it helps if I said that I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been through so much for so long, and I am, but what’s important is that you’ve learned from that and you’re passing on that knowledge to your daughters so they can become confident being themselves and I’ll bet they’re happy to have you by their sides. Thank you for coming by and sharing your thoughts, all the best 🙂

  5. Sweet Devina, It’s very rare to find someone with a heart and soul as beautiful as yours Nevermind what’s on the surface, true beauty is inside and you have it 🙂

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