Team Aurora and the time capsule at the top of the world

Click to meet the team members!

Click to meet the team members!

The following is an excerpt from the original post. First:

Every couple of months, something bizarre happens at work that convinces me I must have one of the strangest jobs on the planet.

And these moments often come in the form of a question.

Questions like, “Did One Direction’s tweet just break our website?” (Sure did.); or, “Do you think you could ask Lucy Lawless if she minds dressing up as Lady Justice when she scales Shell’s Arctic oil rig?” (In the end she stuck to a t-shirt and her climbing harness, but not before she dug out all kinds of costumes from her tickle trunk and we made a day of it.); or just last week, “Do you reckon we can make it to the North Pole in time to meet the Arctic Council when we’re there?” (So far, it’s looking good.)

So when my boss came to us and asked, “How do we take three million Arctic defenders and plant them on the seabed below the North Pole?” well, we didn’t even flinch.

What she really meant was, how do we put nearly three million names into an indestructible, inert, non-toxic time capsule that can be taken by a team of international ambassadors to the geographic North Pole, to be lowered 4.3km below the sea ice and planted on the seabed until we remove it in 2050.  You know, just another day at the office.

So, we got to work.

And second:

The final touch around the graceful sphere was a titanium band, similar to one you would find around a globe. And on it, we chose to etch one of our favourite quotes, from one of our favourite authors, Arundhati Roy: “Another world is not only possible, she’s on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

We asked Arundhati what she thought, and her response was the final blessing on our quest: 

“Dear Renny, Kiera, Josefina, Ezra and all the other members of the expedition,

I am writing to send you my love. You walk for all of us. I wish I could have come with you. I hope you will send me some photographs of your journey and the pod. Go well ye wolves. Arundhati”

“You walk for all of us … Go well, ye wolves.” Together with your names, this mission statement, and the power of you all behind us, this pod embodies our movement, and symbolises our joint commitment to protect this beautiful place for all life on earth.

This is a brilliant idea! I am proud to tears of these amazing people, it’s one of those times when words won’t suffice. Please, I ask you my readers, that you visit the whole post over at In Pod We Trust.

I was going to put Bryan Adam’s ‘Don’t Drop that Bomb On Me’ since it sounded appropriate but Greenpeace beat me to it! Check it:

Cheers all!



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