Hmm … opening a cafe

Plinky Prompt:Would you ever consider opening your own restaurant, bar, or cafe?

A cafe, I would. As a person who loves to get lost in a great book, I’m not totally passionate about business, but I’d like to have a place where fellow book-a-holics can come by for some quiet time, insomniacs too, in other words I’d be closing late therefore opening late as well.

It would be a classy oasis, but an affordable classy oasis, mind you, where other normal mortals can sip coffee in peace without it making a reappearance on seeing the bill.

Thinking about it now, I can see the building, not too big. Boxy shaped but with one of those nice striped canopies under which you’d find a few sturdy tables where you can go on one of those scorching summer days.

Inside would be of warm cozy colours and conductive to thoughts. That’s as far as I’ve thought about it so far.

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5 responses to “Hmm … opening a cafe

  1. Nice that’s a lovely project to wonder about… I’d love to be one of your faithful customers 🙂

    • Yay! The more the merrier! You are totally, 100% welcome 😀 Whenever I feel I need a little push, I head over to for one of their daily prompts.

  2. AJ's Mom

    I would be one of your regular customers, who sits there drinking hot chocolate anytime of the day – and since it’s your cafe, I might just consider not passing on the sprinkles this time.;-)

    • Ha-ha, I’m glad to hear that! Hot coco is a must in any place of mine and a variety of sprinkles. I figured that I’ll have milk shakes too, for the little kiddo 😀

      • 😉 – We might end up living at your cafe if that’s the case! ha ha. I have sprinkles here at home actually, which I bought when I thought I was going to make cupcakes ;-). It’s still there – but no cupcakes made yet.

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