Two shades of me


I am all shades of happiness

Such a shining outlook towards the horizon

I pride myself in my hope in all things

That tomorrow holds a better fate

I oft’ seek company with the stars

No matter my shade that day

The stars tell me of their adventures

Of the dragons that were slew in the

Torch lit night

Oh, how the swords did gleam bright


They told me stories of the lovers

That sneaked midnight walks under the watchful moon

My bright days are seldom extinguished by the darkness

That oozed from the corners of the room

From the soil beneath my feet

And from the pores of my skin

It sometimes slithers slowly along my body

Sometimes at such breath stealing speeds


In no time I am my other self,

My other shade, the darker one

I hide and I cry for no reason at first

Then the darkness plunders

The faults I found in me

I am no one, worthless and I take up space

Expectations that I won’t live up to

Floats before my tear-stained face


Oh, how this retched darkness taunts me so

It shows me a way out of my misery,

a fatal sip, perhaps a fall

But I fight with what ammunition I’ve left

My existence is none of its business

I look to the stars once again, Vincent’s stars

Their colours bleed at my pain,

Hath this darkness no shame?

© Devina S.

A portion of personal turmoil in a poem for you. I’d written this after I came to a realization, maybe it’s nothing but it would explain things that’s been happening. I’m sorry for saying this and not revealing exactly what’s been bugging me, perhaps I’ll post about it sometime.

Can anyone guess to whom I was referring to in the last stanza (6th line)? If you can, there’s a chance you know what’s troubling me, and points to you for guessing correctly 🙂

Originally posted on Poet’s Corner

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3 responses to “Two shades of me

  1. Ohh it’s Van Gogh’s stars, right? Starry Night? 😉
    Beautiful poem!

    • Vincent Van Gogh it is! I fell in love with his art, Starry Night stole my heart! Was it very obvious?
      Thanks Daphne 🙂 , reflections coming from the depths of us are, more than often, beautiful 😉

      10 Points (Gryffindor?) 😀

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