Untitled Poem

A little something I wrote for our newspaper.

Legendary Post

What’s this darkness I feel inside?

It tries its damnedest to overwhelm me

I feel my bruised resolve slipping

Like ketchup sliding out of a bottle

Reluctantly first, then easily gave way.


What’s this cloud I just can barely see above my head?

My trembling fingers moved to my eyes as if I could wish it away

Its foreboding presence stifles me as I lay there

Curled up pathetically on the cold barren ground

Like the frightened child I am.


About to succumb to this madness,

I remove my hand willing myself to face my doom, that’s when I saw it –

Barely a flicker of the elusive light

Floating before my vision, with no care in what’s left of the world

It reminded of this thing called …

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2 responses to “Untitled Poem

  1. Hey there, thank you so much 🙂 I found it on Google, it was just what I was looking for, I have a feeling it was waiting for me. Thanks for reading and the lovely comment!

  2. Hi,
    A truly great read, I loved it, and I also like the photo you chose as well.

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