Happy 50th, Doc!


I’ve been on the fringes of this fandom for a while now for the reason that it doesn’t show with a proper schedule on the local tv programming. I’m there and yet not there at the same time. Either way, I won’t sleep right if I don’t do anything to commemorate the fiftieth year of the dear Doctor.
On to the next adventure, allonsy!


10 thoughts on “Happy 50th, Doc!

      1. Did you know that I’m a Sherlockian, too? Well, why don’t you look at that; I do think I just upped to level ‘hot’ (if I may say so myself). BBC’s Sherlock is the BoMb and Cumbercookies are fresh outta the oven sizzling hawt. *~{ I have to crash now, haven’t slept last night. I might say some more … stuff erm things 😛

  1. they don’t air that show in France at all, so I’ve been very surprised to hear that it’s been on for 50 years somewhere else!!! should I give it a try? I’m almost done with “Dexter” and am looking for another addiction… 😉

      1. all right, then! Dr. Who, it is! I’ll see where I can find it! and if you haven’t given Dexter your attention, you should, it’s been very good… and is now over so you can get the whole thing and run a marathon on it anytime! 😉

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