Why do you read?

An old shelfie

I’m curious, are many of you readers? By readers I mean do you read to live? Is it essential as the air you breathe?

If yes, to read to live isn’t the answer to my question though. Is it an escape from reality? A quest for knowledge and empathy?

These dead leaves and digitalized words open portals to other worlds that allow us to experience life as we’ve never known it. They keep ignorance at bay and encourage us to open our eyes to notice the world around us, to make you wonder “Who around me is going through pain and suffering and are they’re hiding it?”

If anything, they are our stout companions in our hour of loneliness and trouble. My reasons for reading are included above but I’ll list them properly:

  • to understand the choices people make and how they live with them
  • to learn as much as I can about foreign vistas without all the travel
  • to not be alone
  • to be informed
  • to become a better writer
  • to exercise my imagination
  • to improve myself by hopefully learning from characters’ mistakes
  • for the hell of it, because it’s fun and relaxing

In my previous posts, I mentioned that 1) I’m at a standstill with my reading and 2) that the books above are no longer on that desk. Right now, what I am having any luck with is one of my favourite textbooks from when I was studying English online via Cambridge.

My mini-notes on the first chapter, Origins of Language

I don’t have to study since I put the program on hold but I really want to. I don’t think I’ve talked about this interests of mine, and if I had it wasn’t nearly enough. Language is a science all by itself and to put it in one word: fascinating.

I’m thinking of posting up my notes by chapter in greater detail, probably some study questions as well.

And to those of you guys who don’t take reading as seriously, overall, I don’t judge you at all. But I implore you to never stop trying to make it a habit.

Personally, I think every single one of us is a reader, some of you just haven’t found the right book to ignite that initial spark of wonder and curiosity.

There is a reason why governments and people in power have burned books because they are forces of change and power in the hands of everyday people who can become, themselves, a collective force of change for the better. What more can I say?

So tell me, dear readers, why do you read?

Have a good day, now 🙂



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8 responses to “Why do you read?

  1. I love reading because it allows me to live the life of others and experience their views whilst simultaneously getting on with my own

  2. Justin

    “People read for many reasons, from the sublime(to save their souls) to the ridiculous
    (to avoid eye contact on the subway).” -Leah Price

    I think I can say I enjoy reading for any reason other than I should. I dislike reading Employee handbooks.

    • At one time I wouldn’t have been able to agree with that but now … I believe I do. Ha! So do I but it’s ironic and I’ll tell you why: I’m in the first stages of writing one for my company. It’s for the greater good though. Happy reading!

    • Also, I agree with Ms. Price and that paper you’ve included looks really interesting, I fully intend to pour over it the first chance I get!

      I might have clashed with my belief that people “should” read in my previous comment, but I want to clarify that I know what you mean 😉

      • Justin

        I read because I want to read the material. Not simply because an outside influence thinks I should.
        It definitely made more sense to me when I wrote it lol. sorry. I may have generalized too much for that to make total sense.

        I’m reading a story now because the main character is similar to me in a few ways so I like to see how he handles situations. I like reading gems of truth in stories. I read for benefits of all kinds. The reasons you have listed are good reasons. Enjoyment and insight are big reasons for me.

  3. Is it cheating if I say ‘because I like James Bond…” 🙂

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