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Quote: Earthen Music – W. Shakespeare

I’m making these now. If you have a favourite quote, especially of the literary variety, feel free to message me your suggestions in the Contacts.

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At a glance: No fear Shakespeare – As You Like it

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HC&B. Doesn’t seem like I talk a lot about books if you’ve browsed around or have been around here for a while. The truth is that I do read, and if there is such a thing, it would appear that I read ‘too much’. Reviewing is not my forte but I want to make an effort, that was one of the initial purpose of this blog and it firmly remains so. I’ve signed up for Karie Slagger’s reading & reviewing challenge early Feb or late Jan, but I’ve put a block on any serious reading marathon because of exams this year end but I plan to still keep up appearances and staying true to me I want to talk about books before I read them so I get to unwind before the reviewing process.

Today I’ll be touching on the Spark Notes No Fear Shakespeare: As You Like It. I was first introduced to Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice in 10th grade and I actually took to it instead to Fences by August Wilson, which up till this day my literature teacher never suspected that I hadn’t finished. Though there were references to the out dated and historical phrases and also the ones Shakespeare invented on the other page, it was a pain in the hiney to look back and forth but heaven knows how I read in a straight line.

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