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The other m … h3y w@it! Giv3 m3 th@t!

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Nashti Favashi is my name, torturing Devina is my favourite game. I am real as a hot fudge sundae in the middle of July. As real as melting ice caps. As real as the fact that human kind is destroying this wonderful, intentionally bountiful and gloriously versatile home we call Earth. I am that real.

Now before you all get worried and antsy about what I did to her you can sit down if you bothered to get up at all. I’m not being mean or anything (just saying). Who exactly am I? *chuckles* I am Dee’s alter ego. How can you believe me?  Well for starters, no one on the blogosphere knows her nickname, now you do –

You hold it there right now. This is Devina again. I don’t know what’s possessing me. Is it good or is it a disaster? Neither? Both? Don’t ask. Anyways let me say, before Favashi takes over again, that I think I suddenly understand. Inside my head apart from the normal me that functions on a daily basis, there’s a part that lives a thousand lives dreaming and building on the existing worlds written down by the authors whose works I’ve read and the worlds that I make up on my own. I believe I’ve been able to separate the two to some extent.

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