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Reading again

So there’s a lot that’s happened and yet not happened in the months of my inactivity. I suppose one of the more concerning for me right now is my reading slump.

In the sidebar to the right, there is my Goodreads currently-reading shelf, and it’s hardly changed, and in a way, maybe it reflects some fragment of my mental state, that is to say, unfocused and indecisive.

So I have decided to forcibly get over it and push back the ones I have on the list to casual reading (as in way away in the background reading) and end the year with some house cleaning. Life, frankly, is too short.

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Post Script: Writing at “A Dragon In Progress”

A little update, guys. In an effort to get back to my studies and improving my academic writing, I’m using my secondary blog, A Dragon In Progress.

Currently going through The Study of Language by George Yule so I’ll be putting up notes and answers to the unit questions and, in addition, other related topics like culture, foreign language, and vocabulary.

If you’re interested or curious, don’t hesitate to hop over and check it out.

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My books so far …

According to my book count on Goodreads, I have read 165 books in total and some more if you count the ones I can’t remember reading, there are a few that I can’t recall their names so they weren’t recorded. I’m not writing all this to show off (though I am proud of myself) it’s just to tally up and summarize what I’ve read up till now.

I began this year with a paltry twenty books because I knew this will be a busy year (but it’s funny though that I don’t feel as busy as I should) The other day after completing the initial 20 books I ramped it up to 50, so I have 30 more to read before 2013 and leaving me currently 13 books behind.

*sighs* I hope by the end of November I’ll catch up again.

These days I’ve been reading quit a lot of urban fantasy and sprinkles of YA here and there but I want to fit some dystopia and classics in as well. Here are a couple of lists. Oh yes, there are lists but these aren’t that long.

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