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Look who’s back: George Ezra’s newest album, Staying At Tamara’s

Five years. Five freaking years I’ve waited for this.

The past few days found me in a state of periodic temporary despair. I’m doing better today but what made it even better was George Ezra’s and Troye Sivan’s upcoming releases. If you follow George you’d have seen a teaser for the first featured song as well as his #AskGeorgeEzra session.

#AskGeorgeEzra on Twitter

Wanted on Voyage is a bloody work of art, you can fight me on this. I’ve listened to it about twenty times and I’ll do it again because it’s that good. Budapest was the first song of his I’ve heard, it was back when iTunes was promoting new artists by letting people download a new song each week, but I hope I’d have found him even if that weren’t the case. It was massive surprise the first time I saw him, I most certainly didn’t match that heavy voice with the guy.

Here’s a lyric video (unofficial) of his latest song, Paradise.

It’s lyrically straightforward, lighthearted and simply lovely. Vocally, rhythmically and beat-wise? It’s …

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Poem: it’s actually simple, but not really

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Sunday Morning Happenings

This morning I dropped in by my uncle’s convenience store to lend him a hand (preferably my left since I’m right handed). It was quiet like most Sunday’s are so I decided to peek in my inbox with the sole intention of of peeking and NOT word-pressing (you now see how that went) and surfing the net for outrageously hilarious photos and posts (I failed miserably at that too)

I just LOVE this! Pinned by Patrick Minkley via folkabout.tumblr.com. You can click on pic to go to the page.

I joined Pinterst, then visited someecards.com for the first time (definitely not my last, I assure you) and happyplace.com almost gave me a heart attack. I was supposed to be doing Maths (what’s that? Nope I’m not finished YET) So right after this I’ll do my vewy (not a typo, Elmer Fudd talk) best to not succumb to the awesome power of the Internet. On that note, if anyone finds me on Twitter or WP after this post please give me a virtual shake or something.

Taken from: More of the most enjoyably cantankerous notes ever posted in the workplace via happyplace.com. This is just 1 of many! There are much more funnier ones. Click pic to go there. Be warned you will be sucked into a highly addictive website that will make you wet your pants with laughter.

That’s all for now folks!


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