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Picture it and Write: Behind the scenes

This is my piece for this week’s Picture it and write! entry. I wanted to write fiction on the following themes for a long time this prompt gave me an opening. It has a lot of teenage sentiments thrown in and a couple of names girls would throw around. In other words, it has a few swears in here. No F-bombs, be assured, and also one R rated scene. Be warned.

via Ermilia Blog, click to see mother post.

via Ermilia Blog, click to see mother post.

One more year. It was a chant at the back of my head that kept me moving along to the motions of the living for the past two years. High school takes a toll on everybody and it was killing me like slow poison. Labels, labels, labels. The hate was a stale perfume in the air but it gets intense when the rival cliques pass each other in the hall or the cafeteria. Jerk jocks, hulking around like they were God’s gift to us fawning women. I’d really like to think about the good parts of these people but they prove me wrong. Just one more year. Twelve months and twenty days, fourteen hours, twenty five minutes and 30 seconds, give or take a few, and counting. 

I have two best friends, both of whom were guys, and as time crawled on I learned it wasn’t something that was very common these days  unless you were a tomboy which I suppose I was but not in the strictest sense, or if you were gay. The other kids call me names I don’t care for, Don and Patch were just friends. We would all laugh about it at the end of the day, it’s something you learn to live with and it’s not that hard once you know yourself but I came a long way from the insecure girl I once was, the world was way scarier then.

I was in the locker room washing off from tennis practice. I stepped out of the shower and reached for my towel. I wasn’t alone as I thought I was. I hurried up and dried off, not wanting anyone to see my nakedness and make use of some snarky comment they no doubt practiced a hundred times in their little heads. I grabbed my things but my glasses were clouding up with the steam and by the time I got them reasonably clear I realized I was heading in the wrong direction.

The door was on the opposite side of the room, I was moving to the source of the soft sounds. I’m sure I would regret this later but I peeked around the last row of lockers. Well, I’ll be damned. I spied with my two foggy eyes Continue reading


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Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

via Goodreads

via Goodreads

Rated: 4 stars Recommends it to: Young adults, particularly girls who are over weight and have a problem with it. Guys, you too. You need to see how some girls think.

A note before you read: Like literally all reviews are, this one is subjective and may be too … harsh? I don’t know, but I want to say that the story had components that I feel strongly towards. Also, I mean no disrespect to the people of California or anyone else. It’s been a bad day but don’t let me spoil yours 🙂


Hayley’s over weight, her mother nags her constantly over the fact and it got on my nerves. No matter how much she tries Hayley can’t give up the food she enjoys for the tasteless yucky tofu (or at least I think it’s yucky, I’ve never tasted the stuff) Gwyn, the mom, forces down the throats of the whole family, the kitchen’s the most avoided room in the apartment. I can’t imagine living like that, my mom’s not the best cook but she’s a decent one and I always manage to worm myself out of not eating cook-up (a local dish, not sure if it has any other name).

Another thing what I didn’t like was Hayley’s hatred of herself for being the ‘f’ word. Fat. I can understand, this something I closely empathize with, if not entirely. I know what it’s like to be Chubby Dean, what it feels like to be constantly reminded that I needed to lose weight and the feeling of momentary loathing of those tell me and the more lasting dose for myself. What was wrong with me? Does being fat make me uninteresting, an eyesore? Unlikeable? Does it make who I am less important? One of the lessons I’ve learned last year was the answer to these questions: Nothing. No. No. No. And. No. There are worse things to be.

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Expectations, depression and a little about my life

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Do you know how difficult it is to life up to expectations? Of course you do, who doesn’t? My family is counting on me to become a doctor, fine, no problem, I shall endure boot-camp with Chemistry and Maths courses. I’d like to be one, a doctor, I have for the longest while but I’m not really sure if that what I’m meant to do in life but I won’t know until I try, right? So I will, I’m going to bust my butt to try to get into Cambridge or another good college.

We have a little family business, that my siblings and cousins and I are expected to continue to run and improve and being somewhat the eldest I’m expected to get serious, I’ve already got my fingers in the familial pie and I will do my darned best. My family has worked too hard for everything to waste away, they sacrificed a lot for us to get to this point and I owe it to them and the business to assert my self and commit.

These days I’m being teased about when I get married this will happen so and so, then they go on about the boy, a very sorry boy if he  got on the wrong side of my daddy dearest who – like all dads – has a shotgun. My grandma and some of my friends are relentless when they touch on that subject, the boy, I cringe at the thought.

Frankly, this is not the time to get all soppy and stupid over some idiot when  Continue reading


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