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So, I went to the book store …

And this is what I found when I got back.

Looks like a pretty good haul if you ask me.

Looks like a pretty good haul if you ask me.

Eeep! I’ve been waiting for a couple of ages to get the Divergent series in physical copy so I could gobble them up properly. The covers are delicious and the two last ones are lovely hardcovers! I’ll be taking it easy with Percy Jackson but I have high hopes for those. A few of my aunts have recommended Agatha Christie, so check. Who am I kidding, I got my last push of encouragement from Doctor Who, there was that episode of Christie and a freaking huge wasp, Donna was cute about the whole thing.  Not exactly big a fan of Girsham, however, Kid Lawyer looks interesting though it sort of reminds me of his The Client, the most obvious difference is that this one’s for ages 8 and up.

I have an inclination to devour bits and pieces of archaeological finds, basically origins, and naturally when I stumbled across Written in Stone, I said why the heck not. I made sure to check that the narrative wasn’t bone dry, fortunately it seems promising. Unfortunately, when I was about to leave my eye snagged on a much larger, much detailed and graphic text. I was officially broke save for a few bucks and boy didn’t that suck? Also, upon the discovery of my cold pockets my heart clanged in painful angst when I saw Stephen King’s neat guide on writing. I’m mentally wailing at this point.

Oh well, I did go on a budget. I’m kind of worried though. I already have a stack of books to be read and I’ve finally dusted off The Fault in Our Stars Continue reading



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Strive to be happy (in a non-evil way)

Let’s have the music, shall we?

This is so … right for this series, though it alone couldn’t span the whole thing, just a track in its play-list. What series you ask?

Doctor Who.

Lovely music. Fantastic musician, Mark! I’ll do my interpretation in the distant future. That was what it had written under my peeling wall paper.

Sooo now, where where was I? Oh yes.

I’ve just finished the first episode of season three, Voyage of the Damned. Mr. Copper’s last scene was my favourite, probably will be one of most favorite. Because it humbled me. I knew of the want of  a relatively peaceful life. Life without unnecessary material voracity; greed. But a life that is as fair as one can make it to me. To want the simple things and be content with what one wants, what one can acquire as honorably was one can. I am not saying this in the right way. *Fangirl frustration*

There was this piece of hyena crap on board the – get this – the Titanic. Titanic! Oh dear Gallifrey. Stupid alian-human-looking-things! Mr. Copper’s screwed up knowledge of earth history was not to be blamed here.

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