Love opens our eyes


Love is not blind, how can that be?

When it opens your eyes and gifts you

The boon of seeing the extraordinary in the mundane

The ripple in the puddle is the echo of a heartbeat

The bone-dry orangy-red leaves cartwheeling in the fall air is a sweet kiss

The fluffy white clouds wondering in their lethargic grace

Are dreams above your head

The crack in the wall is a flaw in him you accept without a blink

The humid summer air is a soft lingering caress

The blank book is your love story to be written

The blooming flower is the passion burning from within.

If this is what being blind in love is

Then I shall embrace this darkness with open arms

With my eyes widely closed

And see.



For those of you amongst the incurably curious, I’ve never been in love only in infatuation, haha 🙂