He is holding a cat

… I think that is the most epic in this podcast (Welcome to Night Vale) ever, (and I must say Kevin pulled it of damn well) with the NV music swelling to a high and Kevin and Lauren we frozen in their Strex-made underwears. With fear. Of the man holding the cat (an Erika the *whispers* angel).

Okay … how shall I tell this one?

I was awaiting June the 1st with unhealthy anticipation. It was Sunday so I had chores to get done. I was about to collapse in a hot heap when I remembered why I was supposed to be so stoked! In this heat, shirts were for losers so I ditched mine and locked myself up in my room and sprawled on my bed, cradling my phone.

This magnificent piece of art it’s not mine. Via videntefernandez.tumblr.com. Please click image to see source.

What the hell. Let me just say that I had lost my marbles temporarily. It was good that I was alone but I think my family heard me because the gave me those knowing looks of concern.

So here’s a section of the transcript for this episode:48, Renovations. (The following are parts from the transcript I found at Cecil Speaks). It’s kind of long, but it would be cool it you read it through 🙂Read More »


What ticks me off: Date formats on food stuffs.

Doesn’t it irk you when you go to your local supermarket and check the expiry date on that can of corn and see 03/06/09? Is it 3rd of June 2009? The 9th of March 2006? Perhaps the 6th of September 2003? You just don’t know and when you inquire at the cashier, or ask the manager, no one can’t tell either. Is that corn safe to eat? Or will I be poisoned before I turned 20?

I am definitely sure there are consumers out there all over the world are bewildered. What I suggest is that there should be a standard international format for the expiry dates. I’m unaware if there’s already one in place, and I will check that out soon enough,  but what if producers don’t abide to it? We’re screwed (if such words offend you please let me know, my apologies if I already have) anyway. This is just a thought I fished out from some corner of my brain, I’d meant to post about this earlier but I forgot. Again.

I’m just fed and up. What else can I say?

Now have your say and rant along with me 🙂


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Expectations, depression and a little about my life

Image via whiskeywolf.wordpress.com

Do you know how difficult it is to life up to expectations? Of course you do, who doesn’t? My family is counting on me to become a doctor, fine, no problem, I shall endure boot-camp with Chemistry and Maths courses. I’d like to be one, a doctor, I have for the longest while but I’m not really sure if that what I’m meant to do in life but I won’t know until I try, right? So I will, I’m going to bust my butt to try to get into Cambridge or another good college.

We have a little family business, that my siblings and cousins and I are expected to continue to run and improve and being somewhat the eldest I’m expected to get serious, I’ve already got my fingers in the familial pie and I will do my darned best. My family has worked too hard for everything to waste away, they sacrificed a lot for us to get to this point and I owe it to them and the business to assert my self and commit.

These days I’m being teased about when I get married this will happen so and so, then they go on about the boy, a very sorry boy if he  got on the wrong side of my daddy dearest who – like all dads – has a shotgun. My grandma and some of my friends are relentless when they touch on that subject, the boy, I cringe at the thought.

Frankly, this is not the time to get all soppy and stupid over some idiot when Read More »

Needs and wants.What does wealth mean to you?

Use it wisely and you'll prosper, just like this little plant but we should all be reminded that money doesn't grow on trees.. and nor do trees from money.

Ask yourself that question and please be honest about it. It means a lot to many of us, more to some than others. We have to have some amount of it to keep us going. To me, wealth means money, bread on the table, clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads, opportunities for a better life, education, means of satisfying our needs and wants, mind you there’s a blurry line where these two meet and I’m going to attempt to make you see what that they’re actually the opposite. How should we go about earning wealth?Oh that’s simple: honestly. Okay, this might turn into a lecture, if it hasn’t already.

Whether we’d be rich or poor we should be humble or modest, whichever but they both mean the same thing either ways, showing off never did anybody any good. Money-wise, we need to utilize it sensibly because sooner or later it’s not going to be there if you don’t. Many of us who never had to break their backs, day and night to earn their living wouldn’t fully appreciate the worth of the money they have, mind you I wasn’t referring to everyone. I’m one of the fortunate ones but I know what I have and what my parents, and theirs’ before them, had done to get us to where my family is today. What did my mom and dad go through to get me here living comfortably, how hard did they work? What and how much had they sacrificed? Chew on those. Other people aren’t as better off. We should all be grateful and not the other way ’round.

Absolute Abundance Image

Back to defining the line between needs and wants.

  • Needs.

These are things that are absolutely necessary for us to live. When we say we want something it’s not the same as needing it.

–“Oh em gee!I need this pair of shoes and that totally cute bag to match or I’m going to die!”

– She believes she really has to have it. Honey, you’re not going to die, the scraps of leather and what’s not can wait, starving kids all over the world who need food, clothing and a home will be the ones going to do the dying.

Okay now, that was me just giving an example. If you want to buy 3” heels and a broken ankle that’s fine, you go right ahead and do just that but keep in mind that you want it but your life doesn’t depend on it.

  • Wants.

The things we feel like having, to satisfy our cravings. Like I really want The Book Thief in hardcover when I already have it on kindle and I want The Wolves of Mercy Falls in paperback when shipping costs added on it’s going to cost me more than when I can get it easily on my kindle. I want them, like really want them but it’s not necessary for my existence … even though I feel like it does.

Bottom line

  • Be careful with the way you go about spending your money.
  • Be grateful with what you have and to those responsible.
  • Wealth is not not only money, it’s happiness, comfort, family and friends and the other little things that makes your life special.
  • What you want isn’t always what you need.
  • Be humble.

See where I’m going with this? I believe that no opinion is wrong once you’ve got you points to back you up  but if anyone does think that I’ve gone wrong somewhere or you disagree or agree, please let me know. We don’t need any misunderstandings, now do we?

G’night or morning wherever and whoever you are!

Get up, pick up a book and read read read!

Yep.That is what you think it is.Hmm?...What's that?No.It is not Dracula's king size and no,that's not a pillow!*sighs*

Well let me tell you how surprised I was when I joined Goodreads.com. What got me was the number of people out there reading whether it’d be the traditional books or e-readers and what I’ve noticed was that many of my fellow good-readers were still kids. I’m talking 12 year olds and older here people! I’ve got a friend there and he’s read over 300 books and had a review for each and every one of them and he’s only, what, sixteen? Yeah, amazing right? My reaction exactly! But let’s face it; there are still not enough of us young people reading out there today. When I say books, I mean books almost or completely void of colourful pretty pictures.

Okay yes, we all have tons of boring, brain numbing loads of homework and some of us have part time jobs, no problem that’s spending time constructively. Mind you, I’m not going around telling every Jack and Jill out there what to do with their precious time but I’m advising and maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t hurt to squeeze in a book here and there for a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of our lives.

It wouldn’t be fair of me to say that everyone today sits on their big exercise deprived behinds on the couch stuffing their faces and with their eyes glued to the television watching some stupid sit-com, funnily enough watching other people exercise, or heaven forbid porno, now would it?  What happened to getting lost in a good book blocking out the heat of reality for a few moments?

Here’s what reading beats:

  • In my opinion, it beats sniffling over some guy whose girlfriend cheated on him for his brother or best friend or some other idiot in some soppy soap opera.
  • Let moi see, yes, reading should be chosen over giving 5th graders wedgies and stringing up the unsuspecting kid up the flagpole (except when the said kid is a snob or a bully who’ll be tasting a dose of their own humiliating medicine, but that’s still mean)
  • It beats crying over a pair of shoes that you absolutely had had had  to have, oh the horrors!
  • And I’ll have to admit reading beats cleaning my room or doing the dishes, duties we sadly have to put down a book to complete or face the risk of being grounded and your Harry Potter collection confiscated! (I speak from experience, my friends)

I could go on, those who know me well are fully aware how true that is, but you see I wouldn’t for many would scoff “Why listen to her drivel about something called reading when we can sit on our asses playing video games, ignore the mountain range of homework and let’s party and chug some beer and increase our risk of dying of heart disease and liver failure. Bring on the Cheetos!” … yeah … right, so me typing more would  be a waste. But for those individuals that I’ve successfully convinced for you my heart beats with joy and congratulations to you!

The point I’m trying to drive home here is that instead of wasting time doing unproductive activities, benefiting nobody at all why not pick up a book and give your brain a workout, waking up the cobwebby depths of your imagination? And who knows maybe you’ll awaken your dormant appetite for reading! I live in hope!

Happy Reading!