Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

I have not been taking part regularly like before so I hope to get back at it. That’s my little sister holding the flowers, I call her Spoinks, she’s like a coiled spring that’s ready to let loose all that pent up energy that little kids have in abundance!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

The dawn of a new day

I know that sunrises have become cliche but that fact doesn’t erode the message they hold. We all know life isn’t a walk in the park, all candy and dandy. Sometimes it’s like running through dark, ugly, rough narrow allies that never seem to end, sucking whatever hope we have, but despite our hardships and tears the world doesn’t stop spinning. The darkness that we feel gathering up inside is chased away by the bright reassuring morning light of the golden sun, the world is bathed in rays of hope. After darkness always comes light.

To me, sunrises are daily reminders that no matter how bad things might be, morning always comes and along with the dawn of a new day comes new possibilities, new ways to overcome our problems. Renewed hope that things will get better so don’t throw in the towel get back up and when life throws another curve ball, you give your best shot and hit with all you’ve got, take charge. It’s okay to hope, because when you do, anything is possible. Hope itself is very powerful, with it we can work to achieve anything we want.

I didn’t have a good vantage point when I took this picture that morning, but a sunrise is a sunrise no matter from what angle you look at it, no? I do hope you all have a good week ahead 🙂


Weekly Photo Callenge: Simple

This week’s challenge is ‘Simple’ and when I really think about it I realize it’s the simple things in life are best the ones, beautiful in their own ways and can sometimes be hidden in plain sight and when found they bring memories flooding back to you!

© Devina S.

The picture above with the flowers is one of my favourites.

© Devina S.

Pineapple wind chimes.

© Devina S.

I’ve been here everyday, and I’m surprised to find that I have forgotten these little lamps were there all the time. Look how things are easily over looked!

© Devina S.

Mismatched cups and saucers to me always remind me of home, because it’s there where you can relax and not worry too much about things having to be ‘perfect’.

Too much chocolate pudding will simply kill me! © Devina S.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

© Devina S.

This would be my first post about The Weekly Photo Challenge and you see, I have many photos and it’s not easy to choose the ‘right one’ amongst the many. Selecting one that depicts the theme ”Peaceful” was no exception but it had to be done so, I’ve gone and done it. The picture above shows a field of sugarcane, one of the places where I pass by and just look at and feel this … this weird tingly feeling from my head down to my toes, this happiness that seems to come out of nowhere and this kind of silence I hear, despite the roaring wind, that I’m afraid to think least my thoughts cause a ripple. What I felt was peace.

I pass by there every time when I go to school and I just love it! The fresh morning breeze blowing in my face, washing away all traces of sleep and the early morning birds chirping in joy with the birth of a new day. When the sun would be shining overhead later in the day everything would just light up! The green of the leaves would magically shed their darker shade into this happy lime green! And the clouds, oh, the clouds! Nothing beats fluffy white clouds on a sunny day! And that incredibly wonderful blue sky! Man, oh, man now I can’t wait for Monday mornin’!

This is just one itty-bitty section on the huge canvas that Mother Nature paints with such unrivaled skill! This picture says ‘Peace’ just by looking at it because that’s what you’d feel it you stood there and soak in the sunshine and listen to nature’s symphony. I’m sure glad that I have a place in creation, don’t you?

Peace out 🙂