“Then and Now” – Ojai, California – Betina La Plante via PhotoBotos.com

“Then and Now” – Ojai, California – Betina La Plante

Talk about creative ideas.  I love this one! I suspect Betina’s idea should go viral eventually and inspire a lot of other photographers to try the same concept in interesting ways.   What do you think?

Enter Betina:

The idea of people holding images to their faces is not a new one, by any means.  People have photographed themselves replacing their own faces with shots from fashion magazines, album covers, etc.  Early this year I saw the poster for the movie “Ides of March”, which shows half of Ryan Gosling’s face holding up a folded Time magazine with half George Clooney’s face on it to complete the ‘whole’.  I thought that was a cool concept, but how much cooler would it be to use the same subject on both sides, depicting the passage of time on their face.  I’d been helping Terence go through many of his old photographs, in order to choose which ones to include in his new memoir, so I knew I had some great straight on shots to work with, from when he was in his 30s.  It was a last minute idea before he went to shoot a movie in Canada, but he was up to try it.

I had an hour to scan and print up several varying sizes of the photo that Terence is holding, in order to come up with the best life-size match.

Read more here, seriously check this stuff out!

This – though not entirely ingenious – is brilliant and I love that it was black and white! Then and now is most definitely amongst my top favourites. He was quite the looker back in his days 😉

I’ve posted some photos from this same website Potobotos a while ago. They’ve great stuff, a new photograph every day along with the stories behind them! Check ’em out and if you like what you see don’t forget to subscribe!

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Some Amazing Photography via Photobotos.com

For those of you unfamiliar with Photobotos.com, it used to be a wordpress.com blog and was much easier to reblog (I prefer to use the recently added nifty REBLOG button rather than the ‘Press This’ in the toolbar) but now they’ve gone full out .com on us, no worries though, really.Top quality photos like you wouldn’t believe and new posts every day, it’s a kind of paradise! I highly recommend that you click on the respective links, there’s always a history to each and every photo ever taken, there you get it straight from the talented men and women who lovingly pressed the button. Here’s today’s entry (possibly my #1 favourite):

Determination – Peter Jobbins – Featured Photographer

Some other recent ones:

Aurora Borealis – Marc Adamus –

Meteora – Maria Kaimaki

Sleeping Beauty – Rafal Makiela

Screech Owls – Troy Lim

I could have posted this as a gallery but it would be a shame if someone missed these beauties! Did you like these? You’ll absolutely, positively love the others! So click on to Photobotos.com today! It sure sucks to be a mouse, poor fella 😦

All the Best,

Devina 🙂

“The Polar Express” – Aizu, Japan – Hideyuki Katagiri – Featured Photographer

A stunning glimpse of a Winter Wonderland!



The Polar Express Aizu Japan


“The Polar Express” – Aizu, Japan – Hideyuki Katagiri – Featured Photographer

This has got to be one of the most spectacular winter photos I have ever seen.  Is that train bound for the North Pole?  I knew Japan was beautiful, but my mind would have a hard time dreaming up a more beautiful winter wonderland.  So please, take another sip of hot coco, warm up by the fire, and enjoy Hideyuki’s amazing photo. Once you have soaked it all in please visit his site at http://500px.com/hideyuki-5.

Take it away Hideyuki:

This photo was taken two years ago.  This is the first bridge over the Tadami River in Mishima, Fukushima, Japan and famous for  the  Japanese railroad.  By the way, Fukushima divides into  three areas – Aizu, Hama dori, and Naka dori.  Here in the Aizu area the nature is very special. In winter, Aizu receives the heaviest snowfall  in almost…

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“Go Your Own Road” – Sweden – Erik Johansson – Featured Photographer

Just amazing!




“Go Your Own Road” – Sweden – Erik Johansson – Featured Photographer

Hello Community!  We just wanted to thank the thousands of viewers who have been coming each day to www.PhotoBotos.com.   Today we wanted to try a little experiment.  We request that everyone who comes to the site today please press the Facebook button below to share us on your page.  This is only a request and if you don’t want to don’t worry we will never know.   We would like to try out the social reach of our little community.  Thanks a lot in advance and enjoy Erik’s image.  I am sure all your friends will too!

Try and wrap your head around this one.  You could take the message of this photograph in so many different directions.  The only common denominator is that they all start at “Amazing”.  Erik has a way of seamlessly blending reality and fantasy. …

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Simply Stunning, I can’t help but wish to reach into my computer screen and jump into this photo!




“The Walkers”- Qingyan, China – Marc Tan – Guest Photographer

Ok I took the liberty of naming this one for Marc so the title is only temporary.  This photograph is so full of mood and depth that it reminds me more of a painting than photograph.  That is why I love it.  The four “walkers” are anchors for the eye and I want to know more about what they are doing and why?  The Chinese James Dean peering out of the doorway just puts this photo over the top for me.   All this with the looming storm clouds overhead.  Marc thanks for the story in one frame.  To check out more of Marc’s amazing photographs, please slip on over to http://500px.com/marcellian for a beautiful trip through Asia.  Also, here is the link to Marc’s photo gallery:  http://www.marcellian.com/

Take it away Marc:

This particular photo was taken in March…

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