Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Wandering with my camera, I often find my eye drawn to strange bedfellows. Juxtapositions. Foils. Unexpected pairings.

– Michelle W, The Daily Post


I’d taken this some time late last year, right behind the school. The wire lined the entire compound, but this particular part of the fence separated us from the untamed green land some miles beyond. This section was shaded by a dwarf coconut tree, the one I’d like to stand under those hot days and it was on one such sweltering morning when I noticed these vines twisting their way around the length of the wire and the barbs.

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Bye-bye, Captain Clash

That’s the name I had for my granddad. He died last night, resting a final time after seventy two years. He wasn’t a captain really but an officer in the Special Branch, where he met some influential persons. He had so many stories, he never hesitated a moment to retell. I’d write more but that’ll have to wait because I’m leaving now for the ‘wake’.

We loved him, and I had the immense pleasure and sense of contentment to know that he knew that I loved him and that he loved me as much, perhaps more than I’d ever realize.

Be safe, my beautiful people.



I remain awake to see the first light of day,

To peep silently, my face upraised, seeking blessing 

Of the soft lavender glow that bathes the land

The dawn chases the tired shadows of the night

As the spearing rays gently tuck away

The loitering stars that still remain, 

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

It’s been a while since I took part, there’s so much to do, infinite things to think and worry about and I have only so much time.

Solitary. Us humans are social creatures but we all need time to ourselves, I know I do. The girl in this picture is one of my little sisters, I don’t know what she was thinking about but she sure looked at peace to me that day.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

© Devina S.

This would be my first post about The Weekly Photo Challenge and you see, I have many photos and it’s not easy to choose the ‘right one’ amongst the many. Selecting one that depicts the theme ”Peaceful” was no exception but it had to be done so, I’ve gone and done it. The picture above shows a field of sugarcane, one of the places where I pass by and just look at and feel this … this weird tingly feeling from my head down to my toes, this happiness that seems to come out of nowhere and this kind of silence I hear, despite the roaring wind, that I’m afraid to think least my thoughts cause a ripple. What I felt was peace.

I pass by there every time when I go to school and I just love it! The fresh morning breeze blowing in my face, washing away all traces of sleep and the early morning birds chirping in joy with the birth of a new day. When the sun would be shining overhead later in the day everything would just light up! The green of the leaves would magically shed their darker shade into this happy lime green! And the clouds, oh, the clouds! Nothing beats fluffy white clouds on a sunny day! And that incredibly wonderful blue sky! Man, oh, man now I can’t wait for Monday mornin’!

This is just one itty-bitty section on the huge canvas that Mother Nature paints with such unrivaled skill! This picture says ‘Peace’ just by looking at it because that’s what you’d feel it you stood there and soak in the sunshine and listen to nature’s symphony. I’m sure glad that I have a place in creation, don’t you?

Peace out 🙂

Merry Christmas to all!

12:14 AM and it’s officially Christmas Day! And I’m still at work at the S-Mart since the previous day, but that’s okay because all the staff is here it’s fun! I’m going to take a nice shower as soon as I get home and drop like a log in a hurricane onto my beloved bed shared with an annoying sibling … if that makes any sense, the log part …It’s still cold and rainy, like last year I think.

For the ones who stay awake and keep watch, for the ones in the front lines in the Mid East far away from home and loved ones, whether you get this or not, a special Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope you all get home safe.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas to everyone. May God bless us all.