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Look who’s back: George Ezra’s newest album, Staying At Tamara’s

Five years. Five freaking years I’ve waited for this.

The past few days found me in a state of periodic temporary despair. I’m doing better today but what made it even better was George Ezra’s and Troye Sivan’s upcoming releases. If you follow George you’d have seen a teaser for the first featured song as well as his #AskGeorgeEzra session.

#AskGeorgeEzra on Twitter

Wanted on Voyage is a bloody work of art, you can fight me on this. I’ve listened to it about twenty times and I’ll do it again because it’s that good. Budapest was the first song of his I’ve heard, it was back when iTunes was promoting new artists by letting people download a new song each week, but I hope I’d have found him even if that weren’t the case. It was massive surprise the first time I saw him, I most certainly didn’t match that heavy voice with the guy.

Here’s a lyric video (unofficial) of his latest song, Paradise.

It’s lyrically straightforward, lighthearted and simply lovely. Vocally, rhythmically and beat-wise? It’s …

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A brief thought (or two) on The Hunger Games, the movie

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I’m watching The Hunger Games for the first time right now, at the part where Katiness volunteers for Prim. I lost control of the dams in my eyes. I paused it go get my composure back before someone finds me.

There are people out there that would remain untouched by the larger tragedies in films, much less of the smaller ones, like that very moment. This may be a  made up world with made up wars, nothing new, but I personally believe that in a world full of greed and power hungry people, anything is possible. Take a moment and consider the possibilities of Panem being our future. Fifty years from now, or five hundred. Hell, we’re seeing rebellion right now in all its blazing finery as I write this, and as you read this.

Belonging to a race of beings capable of such goodness and love I still find it a little hard to believe that there are those of us that can make the darkest of nightmares a reality. There’s no asking why. It just is. Yin and yang, but that’s not to say there’s a balance of good and evil, I refuse to believe in that. There are many of us that live safely enough with little to no problem on most days, maybe we don’t see it but it’s because of the collective nature of goodness of the people around us amongst the grumpy cats and devil possessed bunnies.

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