Takes me back …

Music is to the ears as books are to the eyes; a pleasing trickle, a stimuli. Both affect the mind, and the place where they converge is a spark of magic amidst the tangles of neurons and soggy grey matter; fertile soil where the seeds of learning and inspiration not only grows but flourishes.

I got this brain wave while listening to Patience by AnZan at a gentle volume at 2 AM while reviewing maths for class later that day. Though I’m sure I haven’t heard it way back then, it reminds me of a clear moonlit night in the Hundred Acre Wood way deep in the dusty attic of my memory. Thinking back now, this song post dated the show. A friend told me the song reminds her of Christmas, I’m perfectly happy to claim my one as my own.

Let me tell you some more about that early morning breather. The crickets were chirping a soft and steady lullaby close by a stream, I could hear the water tricking down and away. My mind conjures a picture of Pooh Bear and Piglet stretched on their backs counting the stars, sometimes silently but often aloud, as a distant song of a flute sings the land to sleep. Read More »


Just another Saturday

DSCN3844She couldn’t get a wink of sleep. Every time Ree closed her eyes a story began playing behind her lids, usually the same one for a while. It had to do with a woman who’s afraid of being in love falling for some Italian guy. What is it with them Italian men? Huh. Finally after having enough of not having any sleep at all she got up and tip toed out, into the hall and tothe bathroom, ggrabbing a box of chai on the desk.

The clock read 4:25 AM and she got out her phone, selected the playlist and clicked on the stopwatch. She danced. She danced on the rug and cold white tiles, to Ricky Martin, to Elvis, to Brian Adams, to Sting and Neil Diamond. Ree could safely say that she had danced like no one was looking, because well, no body was. She felt her muscles loosen and her body get hotter. She felt alive and wide awake when some people were fortunate enough to sleep at all.

In between she threw in squats, lunges and twists (Cup of Life …), clapping, finger snapping and swaying to Cherry Cherry and lost it with Livin’ La Vida Loca. In the early hours this seemed ridiculous but at the same time, why not? She could say one day years later ‘this one time when I couldn’t shut my eyes I danced in the bathroom at heaven’s knows what time, and damn did it feel good’, have a good laugh over it then and remember. She had danced for twelve minutes.

photoAfter a bath she slipped into a comfy clashing set of PJs and tiptoed back in front and slid the glass window open. The cool, crisp morning breeze welcomed her with a caress, and to the sight below. The market was a bimonthly event here. The vendors set up their wooden stalls the night before with length of zinc sheets nailed on to the tops, blue tarps were thrown up here and there under which people walked about under the dusky blue sky. This early you’d get good vegetables and fruits and later in the day the prices depreciate with the condition of the produce.

The air was filled with the unintelligible babble of sellers and their customers, bargains were struck, curses were flung and all that noise that filled these places. The sounds mingled with the scents of herbs, the fresh thyme with jalapenos and a medley of others of what can be bought but so far the air was still sweet and hardly tainted, unlike later during midday with the sweat added to the mix.

As the sky got brighter the colourful layout beneath stood out more, it was beautiful with nice plump pumpkins stacked over there by the plant lady, the pretty purples of the eggplants, and the rainbow of fruits sprinkled about, plus the various hues of pinks, blues, yellows and greens worn by the constantly moving crowd. She saw a Rasta carry a bunch of brooms over his shoulder and by the looks of it they were fresh and green as well, midribs newly stripped off from the coconut branches.  It would have been better still if some of those people actually didn’t despise her. That was something Ree accepted when she was younger, not everyone will like you and pleasing anyone was mostly stupid and pointless so just deal with it and have less to do with them. Life was fine enough so far.


Above the many heads, birds were calling out to one another, fluttering around, some went as low to perch on a donkey cart only to flit away seconds later into the nest it made in an old lamp post shade a few feet away. There were the trees whose leaves played together and made a sound that sounded like the ocean, overlapping and peaceful. It was an orchestra, man and nature coming together in a sort of harmony. The clouds above were a splendid touch to this painting, the darker purple ones chasing westwards in hope of clinging to the last traces of dawn against streaks of pinks and oranges, slowly bleached to the uniform of the day. Inevitable, but they still try anyway. She liked that.

And she stood there taking it all in with Mozart softly flowing in her ears melting her into her surroundings. It was another dayTea time 2 with new possibilities, another encouragement of our Mother that even she doesn’t give up, not so easily so why should we? Discouragement in his many forms could only hold you in a suspension but the time doesn’t stop. Move along. Ree had a class in a next few hours, being half ready she lingered there for a while longer. But then there was a lovely bag of tea waiting to be brewed, so with not a final glance outside she smiled to the world and said softly, “Here I come”.

P.S: All the pictures were taken by myself.

Pretty tree, what’s your name?

Do you know what kind of tree this is?

The Excellence Asylum

One of my favourite things

I would have liked to find out its name before sharing it with you but I couldn’t wait, I had it tucked away in my hard drive for a few months now. I’ve seen a younger version of this tree around. I clicked this one at my principals front yard, she’s probably the best person to ask … but I keep forgetting!

I remember while on the way to

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A thought over hot chocolate: Things we want and being content with what we have

A cup of hot chocolate is always a good start for some mind wondering and deep thinking, luckily I was reminded to stock up on some by an equally sweet friend. I can’t seem to write about anything right now. That’s good and bad. Good because I won’t be blogging after today until next month around the 12th (or so I hope, exams are perilously close but a couple of posts here and there can’t be terrible). Bad … well because it was a little frustrating that I don’t know what to write about. No, it’s not writer’s block. I’ve a brief list but the topics require more than a short thought and I don’t have time for that at the moment.

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I don’t like to write about myself too much so maybe a random thought on a morning drive will do.

I see those fields everyday I on the way to school, aren’t they beautiful! Every time I pass by I just wish that there was some way I can take the sunlit stalks of sugarcane with me everywhere with me inside and, not for the first time, a photograph just isn’t enough.

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Friday morning shots

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The fresh stretch of the powdery blue morning sky, light of the glorious sun, with the huge white clouds floating with no worry in the world. A beautiful sight to start the day, no?

My night-owl study session extended to the wee hours of this morning. I didn’t sleep all last night but I’m doing fine. I’m like that, I love the night and the early morning after, it’s so serene, quiet and relaxing (if you minus a few mosquitoes). I was working on AS English, I’m studying it independently right now and I have exams in November so I’m trying to finish the book.

English is such a joy to study! Before I didn’t pay much attention to grammar and the likes but now … I find it fascinating! How figures of speech, sentences, and more come together and cooperate to form language as we know it! I’m taught how to analyze excerpts, how to break the various components of the text down and make sense of it all, to read between the lines and realize that how intricate the writing craft can be. I know my writing and book reviewing will benefit greatly from going on to study advanced English.

Oh well, I’m working a couple of posts but now I think I’ll go and get some shut eye for my shift around 4 PM. *Yawn and stretches*