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If Kumi will … will you? #KumiWill

This year’s Earth Hour on March 23 is no ordinary Earth Hour. Climate change is being felt around the world – ravaging communities, destroying lives and livelihoods. We are running out of time, but we can still fix this.

– Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace’s International Executive Director.

I hope you listened to what Mr. Naidoo said in that video. Perhaps it hasn’t done much to inspire change in you, but consider what is happening today and what will happen if we waste resources unnecessarily. Oil companies are still scouting for drilling sites in the face of rising CO2 levels, record high as of October last year and it is rapidly increasing.

Why? Why do we need to support this when these actions are harming the Earth? No, not the Earth, ouEarth because it is that personal. There are better and cheaper alternatives out there. Fact is that initially solar panels and wind turbines will be expensive, for the cost of materials and installations mostly, but in the long run it is worth it because we will be breathing cleaner and healthier air. Deforestation would no longer be an option, animals won’t be running for their lives any longer. Our Earth won’t be raped of her wealth and health to sustain our lives, and when you think about it it’s pretty selfish.

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