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A day without glasses

… is a blurry one. Last week Wednesday I’d gone to the optician to get my eyes tested. It’s about one year now now that I got my first pair of

It looks really purple in the sunlight.

glasses but I really knew that my sight was getting worse when I had to constantly borrow Ann’s glasses to see on the blackboard. According to Dr.Fries, that’s really her name, I need lenses with twice the prescription of my first ones and I see better with my right eye than with my left, weird.

I’m going to still use my old frames so when dad went to town (miles and miles away) this morning, along with him went my glasses because Doc received my new lenses from Pete-knows-where. That means today until he comes home I’ll have to go about working with the eyesight almost equivalent to that of a bat and it’s annoying! Now everyone gets to see my dark circles aka my raccoon eyes. Aaarrrgggg, then I’m like screw it because it’s no use crying over what I can’t change (lately the earliest I hit bed was like 10PM) I suffer from CNO syndrome (Chronic Night Owl Syndrome) and I’m not big on makeup.

Right now I’m calming myself down with my sweet old friend whom I haven’t met in a good while: Continue reading



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