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And I’m Back… The Marketing Continues

The Written Word

photoAnd I’m Back… The Marketing Continues

So I took a 10 Day Break, and now I have returned… Just before the break, I received My “Chess With Agatha” Bookmarks, and so I will contact the Bookstore Manager, and figure out when she is there so I can have the Sample “I Died Once” Books, and Bookmarks dropped off.

Wish me luck, we shall see


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Winter, Lust and Wonder by James Mahoney

This is a review of a book a blogger friend of mine, who goes by DarkJade on WordPress, had written.


Rated: 5 stars

I’d recommend this to: Persons around 16 to 18 and up,

depending really on how well you generally comprehend poetry.

… What candor, What Nerve

What unbeknownst Verve

Will Guide me through these Woods

I Drink Cool Water, I eye the Storm

Begin the Written Word

~ a favourite line taken from Halls of the Written Word


Don’t be fooled by its modest cover, what lies within its pages are words of a riptide of what seems to constitute almost every spectrum of emotion. Initially, I couldn’t understand what he was saying, what his words had meant. How and why Mr.Mahoney had strung them together the way he had. What were they trying to tell me? I had to put it down for some time to clear my mind to properly grasp what I was reading.

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Dear Diary (Saturday 15th Sep, 2012)

Via testimoniesofhisgoodness.wordpress.com

This was written early this morning. I get crazy sometimes during the night time (especially on a full moon) and the dark hours before dawn but last night I was okay, okay as in calm enough even with so much coffee. I don’t know if I can keep up with these entries as my many attempts for regular features sizzled out but I think this idea might stick because I’ll be spilling my current thoughts and I don’t have to elaborate much into them unless I choose to do so in another post or if you suggest that I should write more on a particular bit (please feel welcome!). This one isn’t much, the others will have more photos.


Date: 15th September 2012

  • Time: 1:43 AM

Dearest Diary,

There’s a flying grasshopper in my room! No! No! No! I found it when I’d just unrolled one of the pages I collected every week from The Guyana Times and there it was; tiny-ish, green and it flew the heck up into some nook or cranny! Continue reading


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