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Heartbleed Bug

This is a follow up on my last post. Better start changing those passwords.

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In my mail: An important security update

So I just received this from Tumblr:


I did just that there, on WP, on Amazon, Goodreads and Twitter. It looks pretty damn authentic to me. Did you get this too?


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Word of the day … well sort of: 404

Though this isn’t a word, but it still has a meaning behind it, most of us get frustrated when we see it (1.) …

  • 404
1. noun

Also called 404 error . Computers . an error message sent by a Web server to a browser when the user has typed an incorrect URL, tried to access a Web page that is no longer available, or clicked on a broken link on a Web page: They must have taken down their Web site; I keep getting that annoying “404 – File Not Found” message.
Slang . a person who is stupid or uninformed.

Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/404+?qsrc=3086


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