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Les Brown: Set Your Mind To Win

Hello everyone, today I’d like to share with you a video of one of the most amazing men I’ve come to know via the internet, Mr. Les Brown. A motivational speaker many of you might be familiar with, if not here’s your chance for a better way of living. I am not exaggerating.

He, with the likes of the late Mr. Jim Rohn, has changed my outlook not merely on my life, but my abilities, who’ve made me realize I can challenge my limits, that with determination, logic, and patience I can be the me I’m supposed to be.

This video is one of his latest uploads, he’s now 72 and is living with cancer and a multitude of other problems that comes with it, as you will hear him speak about. I admire his attitude and fortitude with which he perseveres and that huge heart of his that continues to give, to inspire all of us.

Not to mention that laugh of his! I mean, have you heard the man laugh? A while ago I was down in the trenches, I was barely keeping a passable smile on my face. There was this beautiful video he burst so suddenly into laughter. It hit me in the heart and I couldn’t help it I had tears streaming down my face as I held my side because I was laughing so hard with him!

Les Brown is a Giver, and I’m most grateful to have received his wisdom and kindness. And I pray, for what good that may do, that he recovers fully and that hardship may never bring him to his knees. He’s strong, yes, but he’s human too.

There are lots more videos and I encourage you to check them out.

Keep your head up, folks. I believe in you.



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Quote: On control

This snap of this fantastic view belongs to Luke Dean-Weymark from LDW Photography, used with permission.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

– Maya Angelou

Photo link: The March to Macchu Picchu

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2012 Olympics: Michael Phelps

I’m sorry to say that I’ve not been keeping up with the Olympics this year but I have caught up on my top two favourite sports of the late; swimming and tennis. Frankly, I’m not a major sports buff but I can see myself becoming one and I’m currently not up to date on the terms in each sport but what I pay attention to are the men and women and their determination. I follow up mainly on the men’s tournaments.

Lets begin on the swimming, shall we? Not surprisingly, I will talk a little about Michael Phelps. This dude is a machine! I first heard of him when it was either the 2004 games in Athens or 2008 in Beijing. He shattered world records one after another and this year he’s retiring from competitive swimming because he got to do what he always wanted to. Now for some snippets courtesy of Yahoo!Sports.

For the third straight Olympics, he is the most decorated swimmer: eight medals in Athens – six gold, two bronze – at the age of 19 in 2004, his “Hello, World” moment; eight more in Beijing – all gold – in 2008, a master at the height of his powers; and now six more in London – four gold, two silver – in a display of both fallibility and resilience that ended with three straight golds.

“I’ve been able to do everything I’ve wanted,” he said. “Bob [Bowman, his coach] and I have somehow managed to do every single thing.” [Phelps]


At his last race, the 100 meter relay with team mates Adrian, Hansen and Matt Grevers, Phelps sealed his Olympic career with a final gold medal after which he was presented with the FINA statue. The inscription on the trophy declared Phelps, “The Greatest Olympic Athlete of All Time.”

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