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Yet another night (and an apology to you my darlings!)

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Hi everyone, you might have noticed the large space between my posts, that’s a bit of good and a bit of bad. Time has gotten scarce if you know what I mean, and I want to apologize for all the the comments that have gone unanswered from me but I promise I’ll get to them as soon as I can. The following is a dialogue between Gale and I that I’d like to share. This had taken place late last year. I think you guys might come to love her as much as I have 😉


December 22, 2012

I’m not what could be described as an insomniac but the fact is that I can’t seem to find sleep at night. No, scratch that. I just realized the truth while writing this. I stay up at night because I find it quite easy to fight the urge to sleep, deliberately resisting and not embracing it when the opening presents itself. It’s become a habit over the years and it continues to be.

The result is that I wake up really late, before when I used to go in around 2 AM I’d wake up later at around ten (days when I don’t have school) and lately I’ve stretched my hours to 4 AM and at the latest to 8 AM but that hardly happens, thank the gods, and naturally the result is that I wake up even later. My current latest is 2 PM. Yes, it is hell when I have to go to classes (a max of 5 to 4 hours of sleep). Why don’t I go in early on those days? Simply because of my condition’s status being of a habit, but when I really put my mind to it I hit the hay early enough I do (very seldom).

Writing this now it is 1:28 AM and I will get to publishing it hours from this moment. I’m outside on one of the smaller chairs of settee with my socked feet propped up on one of those small highly portable wooden coffee tables and by back to my grandpa’s room. I can hear the distinct rattling of his little fan. I kind of reek of mosquito repellant, the socks help even though it’s rather warm, it should keep the suckers off. I’ve my father’s blue St. Martin cap on my head and I’m anxious that he’ll walk out any moment now as he’s apt to do every now and then.

Another fact: I’m not supposed to be out of my room at these hours, but it’s very convenient.

  • Because my room doesn’t have an outlet that’s compatible with my laptop’s plug
  • The loo (note: loo isn’t in the American dictionary or at least their vocabulary – Sincerely, the red squiggly line) is closer, speaking of which I’m leaving writing to visit …

Okay, I’m back … now where was I ?

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Meet Gale: My imaginary Snowy Owl

Oh, how I wonder how many of you thought hat this post was about the Hunger Games before reading the rest of the title. I’m not a huge fan of the series so I won’t expect any fan-girl babbling if I were you. Any who, I’m pleased to introduce to you my friend Gale!

This photo here, however, is not mine! Click to see more.

I’ve always had a thing for owls, snowy ones in particular, way before I read the Harry Potter books. They’re beautiful creatures, and to me they have this knowing look in their eyes, eyes that stare right through you, like they know something that you don’t. I suppose that’s why they’re said to be wise … They, owls in general, are one of the representations of my favourite Greek goddesses; Athena.

Anyways, you know how some kids have imaginary friends? Yeah well, I have an owl (and also an assortment of imaginary friends)! Unlike other people’s imaginary friends, I consciously ‘made’ my owl ‘to be’ (this is the same for the friends). Now she delivers mail for me to my the said friends and my favourite fictional characters. How cool is that?

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