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Sunday bloody Sunday … nothing exciting really

This morning after hitting the hay at 6AM I was awakened about 4 hours later by my little sister Lerny and the rate she was working with I shot up thinking the house was on fire. It was something close. My AC was having a bad morning and apparently thought I’d offer  some sympathy if it cried a baby sized swimming pool over my desk. My desk. With my books. MY BOOKS. This was the second time it happened, I dubbed the first one “The Great Flood” and for all the damage it did the name suited it just fine.

The AC is just above my study corner and I couldn’t fit the desk anywhere else. So after the First Great Flood I rearranged my books so that the next occurrence wouldn’t be as horrific. This morning showed that my forethought paid off. But I’m still fuming mad. Why me? Why?

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