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Notice to my followers

So I am thinking about changing directions. What I mean is I want to focus on Hot Chocolate & Books on well … books and the such, and not on erratically posted anecdotes.

While at the same time, however, I still plan on having another blog where the said anecdotes will reign supreme. Now, I’m considering hosting this one on another account, completely separating the two main blogs.

The reason being that I want equal exposure for both because as most of us will know by now that we have a primary blog people will visit when our names are clicked in comments and so any other side blogs will likely languish given if we haven’t made a space on the main blog to highlight them.

Another path would be investing time on my Gravatar profile, which I have, in fact, done already. You can add all your blogs like a little personal directory. Mine includes my photoblog, my writing blog (which none of you probably knew about) and a shared comatose blog with Peter Howorth, et al. I need to make a spot for those on HC&B in the future.

I digress. I am leaning towards divorcing Personal Blog from Book Blog completely. For one, it would be a sort of fresh start I sorely feel I need.

The makings of the Personal Blog is already in motion. If any of you folks are interested in following that contact me via the Contact tab up top.

This has not been a recent concept for me, actually. I’ve tried testing it out in the past but I’d hit a roadblock called “Identity Issues”. Two separate personas (essentially) has its drawbacks, yeah?

Also, I plan to redesign HC&B. A bit more minimalistic perhaps. Should I keep anything in particular? Or off with it all?

Thoughts? Questions? Advice? I’m all ears!

Thank you guys for being here, means a lot to me.


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Happy 2nd birthday HC&B!

AnniversaryI’ve never memorized the date before so you can imagine my surprise after seeing that trophy icon. What now? Have I surpassed my previous record of insanity, of awesomeness, of laziness? In any case WP couldn’t have known their full extent but with much pleasure I’d like to say that today the 20th of November 2013, I’ve been blogging here for exactly two freaking years!

In these couple of years, my life has changed irrevocably. Mine eyes were pried open the the versatility, the ambiguity and the variety of words, of people and content. I’ve been encouraged to write more, to read more, to think more. More so than I couldn’t have otherwise in my old limited line of sight. Knowing how to navigate the internet and knowing where to look are two very separate things in my mind. The WordPress community has been that place for me, that where I can always come to search and learn and become inspired and it – therefore all of you my fellow WP bloggers – has made a great difference in my life.

So I’d like to say thanks to WP for making this platform possible and to the diverse dissidents that live on it 🙂


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HC&B’s first Anniversary

WordPress has recently informed yours truly that yesterday, the 22nd of November, had marked HC&B’s first year anniversary! I’d like to thank you all who have been reading from since then to those of you in the middle and to those who’ve just joined me, thank you all.

When I started blogging I wasn’t sure what to write about but I did know that there’s a lot that I need to get out. So since I loved reading and hot chocolate I named this blog after those but I was sure that it won’t be devoted to books entirely.

I don’t believe I write good reviews half of the time so I was reluctant to do it at all but I refuse to just read and not analyze. I mean I analyze what’s written but it needs to be written down and by really writing my thoughts down I find that there’s more to think about. So even though I don’t write one for each book I read I still make an attempt. Blogging has given me an opportunity to share and it has pushed me to do more.

For the past year I’ve met some really good people who’ve changed my life in even the most minute ways that changed me for the best and to you I’ll be forever grateful. Yes, yes, this might be all too melodramatic for a one year mark but what I say holds true 🙂

G’night everyone, and good morning to you on the other side 😀



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