Haiku: Essence

'House in Stanlytown Guyana' by James Mingo, via Fine Arts America.
‘House in Stanlytown Guyana’ by James Mingo, via Fine Arts America.

Guyanese rainstorm –

Five o’ clock breeze, quiet

Stained glass, bits of home.

© Devina S.


Home again

BirdiesMy plane touched down 8 AM yesterday and I got home about 2 PM. It was the first time that I’ve traveled alone and it wasn’t really half bad but I’m betting it can be. Ah well, here safe and sound, what else can I ask for?


Merry Christmas to all!

12:14 AM and it’s officially Christmas Day! And I’m still at work at the S-Mart since the previous day, but that’s okay because all the staff is here it’s fun! I’m going to take a nice shower as soon as I get home and drop like a log in a hurricane onto my beloved bed shared with an annoying sibling … if that makes any sense, the log part …It’s still cold and rainy, like last year I think.

For the ones who stay awake and keep watch, for the ones in the front lines in the Mid East far away from home and loved ones, whether you get this or not, a special Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope you all get home safe.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas to everyone. May God bless us all.