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Hi everyone, I’m terribly sorry for not visiting in such a long time, sadly enough posting these days end up just being an afterthought. Today is Phagwah, the festival many of us Hindus celebrate to mark the beginning of spring. Today we throw coloured powder and water on friends, family and agreeable strangers (who can be of different religion and race) not only for the new season but also to commemorate Krishna’s fondness of pranks. This week’s Ermilia’s Picture It and Write! reminds me of the holiday, particularly the clouds. So here’s my bit. It’s been a while.

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The pain at my temples throbbed like the beats in a Hall and Oats song. I stayed home today, and work was out of question with all of the indecision and confusion and plain all out frustration that had condensed into a dripping orb in my chest. I take a sip of the stuff of the bottom of my mug and nearly wretched. A day and a half old black coffee can do that to a body, served me right I supposed, I hadn’t gotten around to change the grounds. Nevertheless, picking it up made me feel a whole lot better for it revealed a recent postcard from some picturesque lake in Scotland from my best friend Riley.

It wasn’t very hard to believe such serene beauty was real, I grew up to long stretches of road with views of sun-lit cane fields on one side and rice on the other, took shade under coconut trees and shared that ever sentimental sky. Instead of feeling homesick, I wanted to pick up and drive off to where the sky met the ground in the far flung horizon.

The likes of lochs and miles of impossibly high mountains were utterly magnificent to my eyes that never beheld them.  Continue reading



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Sunday bloody Sunday … nothing exciting really

This morning after hitting the hay at 6AM I was awakened about 4 hours later by my little sister Lerny and the rate she was working with I shot up thinking the house was on fire. It was something close. My AC was having a bad morning and apparently thought I’d offer  some sympathy if it cried a baby sized swimming pool over my desk. My desk. With my books. MY BOOKS. This was the second time it happened, I dubbed the first one “The Great Flood” and for all the damage it did the name suited it just fine.

The AC is just above my study corner and I couldn’t fit the desk anywhere else. So after the First Great Flood I rearranged my books so that the next occurrence wouldn’t be as horrific. This morning showed that my forethought paid off. But I’m still fuming mad. Why me? Why?

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A day without glasses

… is a blurry one. Last week Wednesday I’d gone to the optician to get my eyes tested. It’s about one year now now that I got my first pair of

It looks really purple in the sunlight.

glasses but I really knew that my sight was getting worse when I had to constantly borrow Ann’s glasses to see on the blackboard. According to Dr.Fries, that’s really her name, I need lenses with twice the prescription of my first ones and I see better with my right eye than with my left, weird.

I’m going to still use my old frames so when dad went to town (miles and miles away) this morning, along with him went my glasses because Doc received my new lenses from Pete-knows-where. That means today until he comes home I’ll have to go about working with the eyesight almost equivalent to that of a bat and it’s annoying! Now everyone gets to see my dark circles aka my raccoon eyes. Aaarrrgggg, then I’m like screw it because it’s no use crying over what I can’t change (lately the earliest I hit bed was like 10PM) I suffer from CNO syndrome (Chronic Night Owl Syndrome) and I’m not big on makeup.

Right now I’m calming myself down with my sweet old friend whom I haven’t met in a good while: Continue reading


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