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Plastic flowers

(via Pinterest.com)

Plastic flowers on the wall

Pinks, blues, yellows

Lovely colours all!

See them stand so proud and tall

In what had seemed to be an eternal spring

It’s in the fall when the pride consumes all

The times, the come and they go

Now faded beauties in ragged dresses

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Random Photos

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing some random photos that I had taken some time ago. I took this  first shot while I was on my way to school.

Meet Shrabbit, who is actually a sheep in a bunny costume.

Shrabby usually keeps me company late at night when I’m burning the books (figuratively that is) and she shares a sip of coffee with me, yep, in that very big orange cup.

My favourite pair of socks and sneakers.

Have a great day tomorrow everyone!

Peace 🙂


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