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Wild Embers by Kikita Gill

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Rated: 3.5 Stars

Read: 2018

Edition: Paperback (1st Ed.)

Published: Hachette Books (November 14, 2017)

Strength, rebellion, beauty, and resilience are clearly there. Without question, Gill writes from the heart and with passion. Her renditions of the Disney princesses and the Greek goddesses were absolute gems that I had to read out loud for my brother and sisters. These were more like prose in form, they’re something else, though I felt some were a tad too romanticized, like Athena, which isn’t necessarily bad.

On the whole, I think it’s a pretty neat book. It’s a slim volume, has over a hundred individual poems. However, while each and every poem has merit, some were better articulated than others.

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Myth: Why Do Women Tear Each Other Down?


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Random Word Ramble Wednesdays

Hey guys, I’m late. Again. And I’m thinking it should be Random Word Ramble ‘Thursdays’ instead. Any-who, with no further ado this week’s word is:

Dotty– slightly mad or eccentric (Page 277 Compact Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus, Third Edition)


“Positively dotty, I say,” came the not-so-soft whispers from one of the women slathered in gaudy paint and stuffed in a frilly and very uncomfortable looking peach dress who sat on one of the weathered benches not far from the shady tree under which she sat. Oh, Loretta had heard them all right and truth be told, she knew that they were referring to her. They weren’t the first to say that about her nor will they be the last.

Does wanting to be the person who she wants to become make her insane? It is a fact that the medical profession has been dominated by men but doesn’t she have the right to believe that she can be as good as they are? Doesn’t she have the right to pursue her dreams, an opportunity to at least try? She’ll be a doctor if she wishes it, who are these people to tell her what and what not to do, what right have they to poke their unwanted over-powdered noses into her personal business? Continue reading

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