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Reader, I am

You dance the waltz

Of uncertainty

Envisioned citadel

Blown away

Like a house of cards

But like the escapist you are

You found a rabbit hole

Within the brittle husks of trees

Right there solidly in your grasp

With it you smother the fabric of the present

Even for a little while

The lazy exhales of a saxophone

Drowns the pestering flies of noises of reality

In a plane of impossibility,

You find yourself suspended there,

In that unshakable place of strength

A sense of home you create and take with you

Whichever way you roam.

© Devina S.



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I’m both alive AND sane. Can you believe it?

I’ve been a few hours almost straight on the computer watching the missing Doctor Who specials from 2009, that’s technically before and a bit after Matt Smith. Wibbly wobbly time whimy. I had to scour the Internet for these three episodes, one of which I had to watch in FOUR different parts. Two words: ‘effin buffering.

So, you see, after the technically last episode of season 4, The Next Doctor, I jumped right into the fifth series with a brand spankin’ new doctor. I was like: what the fecking french-fries? David? What happened, mate? How did you regenerate into Matt? Was it because I blinked?

After a brief info request I was informed that there were three episodes that aren’t included in the Netflix collection. It was like jumping from Cyber King to fish fingers in custard! Eek, no seriously, eck.

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