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This is my piece for last week’s Picture It and Write! entry.

via ermiliablog

via ermiliablog

He stumbled backwards in haste before tripping on the extra long lab coat in an attempt to remove himself as far has he could from the giant glass tube in front of him. Under the relative safety of the desk the only disturbance in the air was his uneven breathing and the distant hiss, a result of the process now in progress which he had initialized after hitting the orange button on his way to hiding. A last resort, which meant this wing of the building was now on lock-down.

The little man sat there curled into a ball, dreading the outcome of the experiment. It was no use thinking that he knew it would have gone downhill after the second stage, the commander didn’t care. He wanted it done and he’d wanted it done fast. The bastard’s getting it alright, but not as they’d planned. Gathering up whatever traces of courage that was left, he chanced a peek. The woman, Lannie Jessup, was plastered against the glass in a thick viscous layer of steadily drying goo, it clung to her like the second skin it was, sparing no dip or curve. Trapped before she could have escaped and wrapped those long strong fingers around his scrawny neck.

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