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Some things I’ve learned

Before you go further, I’d like to thank all those people who recently followed me. I mean, why? I’ve been active as a sloth in the summer (not sure how accurate that is, I know they are creepy looking and slow beyond comprehension). What I am try to say is this: thank you so much!

It’s not easy to communicate the way we feel especially to a person we trust. We worry about their opinion about us, because let’s face it it’s easy to say that ‘it doesn’t matter what people say’. I treat it as a blanket phrase. It matters when it’s someone we value, because they matter. I don’t know why I ever thought that writing about my problems should be any easier. I’ve started countless times only to scrap an entire post because I feel ridiculous and I realize just how much of a private person I am. I have read blogs where writers bare a good portion of their souls to perfect strangers and I think it’s both stupid and brave.

These days I’m hounding the scent of inspiration. It is what drives us, not only a good cause will be enough to stick to a goal; be it studying, to put in volunteer work, to work two jobs even if you don’t have to but because you think it will prove beneficial in the long run; to make your parents proud; to prove a point. We need the motivation, some of us need it as incentive to live another day, to not give up on ourselves. Let me share this quote I found:

People often say that motivation doesn’t last well. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily” – Anon

I don’t admire the girl I was for the past five or six years ago, if I could I would slap her silly and tell her to grow up fast. The quicker she learned that time is running out, how very far she’s yet to go, how much she’ll suffer in her own hands; I wish I was more aware of my mortality and (ironically?) my own indifference or obliviousness, or both if it’s not already the same thing. I’m thankful that I did, at any rate. At the same time I heeded the timeless advice of learning from my mistakes, most of the time anyway. That’s progress.  Continue reading



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The little battle of trudging on

I had planned on staying up this morning to focus on my revision (I desperately need to get a load done) as my first exam will be on the 24th of this said same month. But, no, like the idiotic dunderhead (and I might have been redundant there but it’ll add to effect) that I am, I ended up reading a non-school related book, and someone please cosh me over the head with a brick because it was a Nora Roberts.
But somehow after reading for a shameful amount of time and then absorbing the fact that it was well past 3 AM, I turned the book off with a mollified jolt. Though I was then motivated enough, some tea didn’t hurt any. While going about the business of making it, a thought that came to me often passed my way just then. And because a lot of you (I’m guessing here) might not have noticed that particular notion I’ll be kind as to share it with you dearies so you could mull it over in utter befuddlement like yours truly:

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Two shades of me


I am all shades of happiness

Such a shining outlook towards the horizon

I pride myself in my hope in all things

That tomorrow holds a better fate

I oft’ seek company with the stars

No matter my shade that day

The stars tell me of their adventures

Of the dragons that were slew in the

Torch lit night

Oh, how the swords did gleam bright


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