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The Sea: An exercise in simplicity.

While studying, Charles Trenet’s La Mer  came on the radio. I had to drop my pen, sit back and close my eyes. I knew the English translation and I also know it meant more than what it says. A bittersweet melody. Behind my eyelids, in my mind’s eye memories fall like feathers. Monochrome movies, a tavern by the seaside and wind blowing in from the windows, and the scent of soap. I remember rainy days and reading about Harry, Ron and Hermione when I’d read all over the house to be at peace with my thoughts. A simple song can be a key to memories so precious that I’d tuck them away for safe keeping, tucked away so well that I’d nearly forgot.

This was an exercise I participated in one of my tutor group’s discussions. the topic was simplicity, saying more with less. The best thing is pulling work from memory, like I did here. We had to comment, or “self reflect” on our pieces, which was refreshing because though I’d usually make comments at the back of my mind while writing and editing (ohmygods I now realize I’ve been doing a crap job at that) I never actually pay attention. Hope you liked it.

On a side note, La Mer literally translate from French to The Sea but some of you might be familiar with the English version, Somewhere beyond the sea (listen to the Bobby Darrin, Robbie Williams and Kevin Spacey versions!), while still charming loses some meaning from the original, according from comments on YT.


Devina 😉


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Drowning in my own sweat: check these out

I’m posting this in the middle of a work out and I’m about to move through this video. But let me tell you guys, I’ve done it before and it’s a killer and made me appreciate those models even more. Not all of them starve themselves but they work their butts off – literally!
A warning before anyone tries this out, I recommend you do the dynamic stretches in the following video first plus a 30 seconds run on a flight of stairs (cardio is a must!)

Visit for FitBodyHQ more tips, they’ve got awesome tips and great work out techniques.
Now back to burning those calories!


February 13, 2013 · 3:24 PM

My resolutions of 2013

New-Years-Resolutions-250x200 emmagem comShort and sweet is the order of the day since I feel as if my life force is being slowly  drained by tiny vampire faeries who then make a 16% profit in their other-world faerie market because apparently female human B negative saturated in depressive hormones and relatively high levels of well preserved stress is a rare commodity. Which is weird (other that the very weird fact that they even exist, and they do) because that stuff must be common as the dirt under my feet seeing how miserable lots of us are on a usual basis. I guess I’m just special 😀

Now, this is no way to begin a post at all but let’s get it over with, shall we? In no specific order:

  1.  When people stare at me, I will stare right back. This is actually going well for me. In the past I always look away quickly, like the timid fool I was. It was not as if I was looking at them first! It’s rude to stare but if you want to play, game on.
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