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Sweet sweet Isabel

This is my bit for last week’s entry for Picture It and Write! photo prompts brought to you every week by the girls, Ermisenda and Elizabeth, at Ermilia Blog. Be warned: this can get pretty long and it takes a little while to see where the photo plays in. Nope. I lied. You see, you have to read to the very end to find it out! Bwahahahaha! I am so eeevile 😀

via Ermilia Blog

via Ermilia Blog

… twenty five years old … frequents top class bars … twice divorced, no children … the new face of Cover Girl … net worth of … an very private individual …

The lights didn’t come from bulbs but from the small sea of rectangular monitors that cluttered every available surface in my personal bat cave. There were no outlets for lamps or light bulbs at all, and this was the way I preferred it, surrounded only by the continuous stream of back lit information flickering across the screens. I reread what I had so far as I sucked on the cherry passion flavoured lollypop. My current case was a rather strange one on two counts. I let my fingers dance a complicated foxtrot over the keys and waited for the search to be completed.

Turning my focus on another monitor, I leaned back and reclined a bit and the wheels of the soft black leather chair complied easily enough rolling back allowing me to stretch my feet and rest them on the desk. Ankles crossed before the flexible scrolled neon keyboard. It’s been a one of those days so I’ll soak in the blizzard of blinking of tiny reds, blues, greens and oranges for a while.

The first was that the voluptuous darkish blond of my attentions before me happened to be a model. French. I knew this one. I can’t say why, but before looking her up for the first time years ago I could see something Frenchy about the beauty but I couldn’t, for the life of me, with any amount of certainty say what exactly gave me the impression. Now I’m tasked to dig a lot deeper than my previous curiosity had warranted then. Point is, my usual characters extended from petty thieves, ambitious prostitutes, to corporate spies, and more lately international criminals.

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Guardians of the Realms

This is the most recent photo prompt for the weekly Picture it and Write! (not a part of my Silver Nights series) I know this is rather soon right after my last entry but I thought I should actually attempt to keep up. Keep up. Yeah right, and pigs will migrate with Canadian geese. Let’s see how long I can go without missing a week. The following short (though a wee bit longer than usual) you’ll be reading, was one I stayed up about four hours (until 6 AM today) writing after I randomly decided to begin it when I was supposed to be studying Bio. I hope you like it. If you’re confused at any point, please feel free to ask in a comment 🙂 As always, constructive criticism is always welcome and I don’t not have to like it but I appreciate you voicing your thoughts!


Via ermeliablog.wordpress.com

Thea was one of the ten Head Guardians, she was among her generation’s ultimate protectors and fists of justice. She held the mirror with no effort, its cold ornate frame and crystal surface so insignificant in her hands, would be a weight no mere mortal could bear let alone imagine. The Guardians were gifted. There were those who had influence over the elements of fire, water, wind and earth, some who assumed the shapes of animals, some were with the speed of light. There were only a rare few who could twist time and bend space. These were only a few abilities they were able to control, there are more, some yet undiscovered. The Guardians were the keepers of the realms, worlds, dimensions or whatever you care to call them. Thea was blessed with a talent even more rare than manipulating time and space. She could see all of the worlds in the Mirror of Mist.

She looked into the mirror’s surface swirling with grey-blue opaque fog. This was what her kind considers one of the most powerful objects in creation. Show me what I seek she commanded. The fog cleared and obeyed. In it she saw the past, one of the many things the mirror was capable of. Thea saw the time in ancient Earth’s history when it was invaded by the distant realm of Eidon. Then chaos had once ran entirely rampant, like untamed leaching weeds in the fertile, bountiful gardens, and ravaged the very surface of the Earth.

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